The fame of the Marco Polo, Indian Queen, Sovereign of the Seas, and other fast sailing American-built ships, will shortly be contested by the new British clipper ship whose portrait we have engraved this week.

The Speedy has been built at the yard of Messrs. Cox and Son, of Bridport, on lines said to be unsurpassed by any vessel afloat ; her appearance in the London Docks has excited much interest among the seafaring community and the confidence of her admirers is shown in the fact that heavy wagers are pending upon her accomplishing the voyage to Sydney in less period than any other sailing ship has yet done. She is a noble vessel 1060 tons register, and 1600 tons burthen, and will carry a limited number of passengers at one uniform rate - all accommodated on the saloon or upper deck; the whole of the lower part of the ship being devoted to freight Her qualifications appear to us equal to those of any vessel we have yet seen, every appointment both for passengers and crew being most perfect. She has a poop of unusually large extent; an elegant saloon ; is very lofty 'tween decks ; and her cabins, both in size and accommodation are of the highest order.

Her brokers Messrs. Hotchkin and Mobbs, have spared no pains to render the vessel as comfortable aboard as she is outwardly beautiful in mould.

Messrs. Prowse and Co. of Liverpool, the owners of the Speedy, we the proprietors of many of the finest liners afloat. The Speedy, is appointed to sail on the 10th instant, and it will be both curious and satisfactory to the south country builders if the palm of success in the construction of clipper-ships should after all be awarded to Bridport.

She is expected to make the passage to Sydney in seventy days. Her dimensions are:- length from stem to stern-post, 192 feet ; over all, 202 feet ; beam, 33 feet ; depth of hold, 21 feet; poop, 62 feet long. She is built of teak and English oak.- The Illustrated London News, 10 Dec., 1853.

SG 27 Mar 1854 ; Page 57 ; Vol 11

Arrival at Sydney
22 Mar 1854: Speedy, ship, 1031, Captain Nightingale, from London, [Dep. 22 Dec 1853] ; Passengers: Mr & Mr Bundy & 3 children ; Mr & Mrs Moore ; Mr & Mrs W Poulter & child ; Mr & Mrs Thomas Poulter ; Mr & Mrs Williams ; Mrs Smedley ; Mrs De Forney ; Mrs Usher and 3 children ; Miss Wallace ; Messrs. L Fennings Lee, Tate, Samuels, Warrington, Broom, Wilson, Wilson Sen., Wilson Jun., Graves, Mayhew, Mis Mayhew, and Mr Dixon. Ebsworth & Co. agents.

Departure from Sydney
11 Jul 1854: Speedy, ship, 100? tons, Captain Nightingale, for London, Passengers: Captain and Mrs H E Hill and family (7) ; Mr & Mrs Bisdey ; Mr & Mrs Carter ; Mrs Drynan ; Mrssrs. Billington, Townsend, Cotton, Barnett, Marks, and Dr Brulen.

Arrival at Sydney
9 April, 1855: Speedy, 1032 tons, Captain J. H. Nightingale ; from Southampton, Jan 6 ; with 414 government immigrants ; J. & S. Spyer & Co. Agents.
SG & SGTL ; Page 74 ; of 16 Apr. 1855.

The Speedy. This splendid clipper ship arrived on Monday from London, [Dep. 2nd Jan 1855,] after a fair passage of 92 days. She left Southampton on the 5th January, with the wind west south west, in company with the Kaffirland, also bound for Sydney : and on the 9th January saw the Lizard Point having beaten the whole way down channel.

January 20, in latitude 21 32' N., longitude 21 48' W. The ship Hampden of and from Hamburgh, bound to Sydney, was spoken ; also January 28, saw the ship Guiding Star, from Liverpool, hound to Melbourne, in latitude 19 47' N. , longitude, 25 36' W. February 7, crossed the equator having never had a fair wind for two consecutive days since leaving England. March 8, passed the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope, in latitude 45 S., April 2, rounded the South end of Van Diemen's Land, since which time she has had constant northerly winds, with rain.

The Speedy brings to this port 417 Government emigrants, classed as follows :- 79 married couples, 68 single women, 74 single men, and 101 children. One sudden death from disease of the heart, and five births have occurred during the voyage. There has not been a single case of sickness on hoard. The immigrants who are all English, and chiefly mechanics, appear very clean and respectable The ship is in a very clean condition, and the immigrants speak in terms of great praise of both the captain and surgeon for their kindness and attention during the voyage. Captain Nightingale has brought London papers to January 5.

SG & SGTL ; Page 78 ; of 16 Apr. 1855.

Speedy, 1,031 tons, 27 Jun 1855 Captain Nightingall. Gold and specie shipped for London

27 June, 1855.- Speedy, ship, 1031 tons, Captain Nightingall, for London. Passengers - Mr. and Mrs. and Miss King, Mrs Ellis, Mrs. and two Masters Nathan, Mrs. Faveno and family (6), Mrs. and Miss Ironside, Mr. and Mrs. Reid, Mr. Chisholm and Misses Chisholm (2), Messrs. Strong, Clarke, Monro, Nightingall, Dr. Chapman, and 1 in the steerage.

SG & SGTL ; Vol. 12 ; Page 150 of 2 Jul 1855.

The following is the amount of gold and specie shipped on board the Speedy, bound for London.



Bank of New South Wales


L. and S. Spyer and Co.


Flavelle, Brothers


D. S. Warren and Co


John Row


M. and L. Broadziak


Josiah Mullins


S. Browning


J. C. Hopkins





Gold Dust.




Union Bank




Oriental Bank




Bay and Glaister




M. and L. Brodziak ??










SG & SGTL ; Vol. 12 ; Page 149 of 2 Jul 1855.

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