Launch.-The ship, so long in process of construction, at the Great Barrier Island, by Captain Gillies, and which is by far the largest yet laid down in New Zealand, was liberated from the stocks at Moles Bay, on Saturday, the 11th Nov, the very day her future commander (Devlin) called with a party from hence to be present at the interesting ceremony. The launch, we are informed, was a beautiful one, the gallant barque, with the appellation of Stirlingshire, dashing into her destined element in magnificent style. The peculiar buoyancy of New Zealand timber was shown in a remarkable manner on the flotation of this ship, which drew but five feet of water forward, and eight feet abaft The following are some of her principal dimensions:

Length on deck, 114 feet ;
breadth of beam, 28 feet ;
depth of hold, 19 feet ;
register tonnage, 410.

The Stirlingshire is a remarkably substantial ship. Her timbers of Topohotukawa, the hardest wood in the country-are of extraordinary strength. She is planked with kauri, and will be ready for sea in about a month, her rigging having been fitted at Sydney. She will proceed to Mahurangi to load with timber for Sydney

Abridged from the New Zealander, Dec 2.

SG & SGTL 30 Dec 1848

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