Health of the Navy


  1. Health of the Royal Navy 1864 - including Station maps.

  2. Health of the Royal Navy 1865-66

N.B. Firstly I'm a non-medical person, I merely have an interest in RN social history, of which the Health of the Navy plays an important part.

Whilst I've attempted to check the various spellings of medical terms etc., some appear to be archaic, or localised, and aren't included in my dictionary. There are most likely some errors which I've missed - my eyes ain't as good as they used to was, and since the report is over 500 pages one needs to draw a line somewhere ! I should be happy to make corrections that tie in with the text of the original report, and to add notes of clarification where appropriate, for anyone who may be that interested in the "nitty gritty" of the detail.

In addition, there are some strange spellings of place names eg Mombaza for Mombasa : in most cases I've retained the original spelling.

31 Jan 2007

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