The Boer War

The New Zealand Contingent

The departure of the New Zealand contingent for service, in South Africa was celebrated at Wellington with maritime display, in which fully twenty steam-ships took part. The day was delightful, and the arrangements made by Mr. A. G. Johnson were carried out with complete satisfaction. The troops embarked onboard the Waiwera,

CAPTION reads: "Our Loyal Colonies: departure from Wellington of the New Zealand contingent for South African Service on board the "Waiwera"
From a sketch by Mr A. H. Moginie, Wellington, N.Z.

and the attendant vessels were marshalled in three lines, one to starboard, one to port, and one in the centre, where the Waiwera herself took up her position. Every ship had a band on board, and the moments before leaving were enlivened with musical selections and the singing of popular songs. The escorting squadron accompanied the Waiwera as far as the Heads, and then with salutes,. dipping of flags, firing of aerial bombs, music, and cheers the vessels put about, and the Waiwera steamed ahead en route for the seat of war. The Earl and Countess of Ranfurly, with their daughter, were present at the ceremony.

Source: Illustrated London News page 837 of 9 Dec 1899

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