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As extracted from Jane's Fighting Ships © for 1919

British Navy - Destroyers

3 Ex-Turkish

Page 111

TRIDENT                    Photo by Photo by courtesy of Messrs H Leslie.

3 Hawthorn Leslie. Talisman, Termagant, Trident. 1098 tons.
  • Complement, 102.
  • Dimensions: 309 ft. x 28 ft. 7 in, x 9 ft. 6 in.
  • Guns: 5-4 inch.
  • Torpedo tubes: 4-21 inch in pairs (very light type). Carry D.C.
  • Machinery: Parsons turbines and Yarrow boilers. 3 screws. Designed H.P. 25,000 = 32 kts. Fuel: 237 tons oil.
  • Turbulent lost during War. All begun for Turkish Navy. but taken over by Admiralty. Proved so successful, their design formed basis for the later Admiralty V's and W's

  Begun Launch. Comp.
Talisman 7/12/14 15/7/15 19/1/16
Trident 7/1/15 20/11/15 24/3/16
Termagant 17/12/14 26/8/15 18/3/16

Source: As extracted from Jane's Fighting Ships © for 1919 - p 102

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