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As extracted from Jane's Fighting Ships © for 1919

British Navy - Destroyers

3 White Boats (ex-Chilean)

Page 100


3 White: Botha (ex Almirante Williams Rebolledo 1911), 1742 tons :
Broke (ex Almirante Goni, 1913), 1704 tons
Faulknor (ex Almirante Simpson, 1913), 1694 tons.

  • Dimensions: 331.33 x 32.5 x 11 ft. 7 in.
  • Armament 2-4.7 inch, 2-4 inch, 2-2 pdr. pom-poms. 4-21 inch tubes.
  • Designed H.P. 30,000 = 31 kts. in Botha, 32 kts. in Broke and Faulknor. Machinery: Turbines.
    Boilers: White-Forster. 3 screws.
    Fuel: (max.) 403 coal + 83 oil.
  • Complement, 205.

Note.-Another of the class, Tipperary, ex Almirante Riveros, sunk in Battle of Jutland. Purchased, August, 1914, on outbreak of war, from Chile. Re-armed 1918-19.

Tubes singly mounted in Botha, in pairs in Broke and Faulknor.

Source: As extracted from Jane's Fighting Ships © for 1919 - p 102

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