Earlier Promotion of Warrant Officers and Petty Officers

1912 07 26
And whereas, in order to meet the requirements of Your Majesty's Fleet, it is desirable that further provision should be made for the advancement of Warrant Officers and Petty Officers so as to enable them to attain the rank of Lieutenant at an earlier age than is possible under existing regulations:

And whereas we are further of opinion that, in cases where Commissioned Warrant rank exists, such rank should be attained by all deserving Warrant Officers after not more than fifteen years' service as Warrant Officer, instead of after varying periods as at present:

We beg leave humbly to recommend that Your Majesty may be graciously pleased by Your Order in Council to sanction the following arrangements:

  • (1) A selection to be made of Warrant Officers and Petty Officers who are considered likely to prove suitable for commissioned rank, Petty Officers so selected being given the rank of Acting Warrant Officer and granted the usual Uniform allowance of 25.
  • (2) After undergoing such courses of instruction as may be laid down from time to time the selected candidates to be given the rank of Acting Mate, with pay, &c., as shown in the annexed schedule.
  • (3) After such further instruction as may be considered necessary and on passing a qualifying examination, Acting Mates to be confirmed as Mates and granted a Uniform allowance of 50.
  • (4) After serving at sea for such period and fulfilling such conditions as may be prescribed, Mates to be eligible for promotion to the rank of Lieutenant, and if so promoted to be granted a further gratuity of 50 for Uniform and outfit.
  • (5) On promotion, such Lieutenants to be governed in all respects by the regulations in force for the Lieutenants of Your Majesty's Fleet who have been entered as Cadets.
  • (6) All deserving Warrant Officers belonging to classes in which Commissioned Warrant rank is attainable to be advanced to Commissioned Warrant rank after 15 years' service as Warrant Officer as from the first day of April 1912, always provided that this regulation shall not be applicable to those classes of Warrant Officers who can attain Commissioned Warrant rank under existing regulations after less than 15 years' service until the normal period of service before promotion to Commissioned Warrant rank extends to 15 years, and further, that power be reserved to the Admiralty to advance Warrant Officers to Commissioned Warrant rank after less than 15 years for War or distinguished service, Officers so advanced to remain supernumerary under the conditions laid down in Order in Council of the 29th February 1908.


    Pay, &c., of Mates
  1. Pay on promotion to Acting Mate, - 8s. a day, inclusive of any specialist allowance.
  2. Messing allowance, - 2s.. a day.
  3. Pensions. - Pension to be 50, if owing to any exceptional circumstances a Mate is not promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.
  4. Number.- The number of Mates not to exceed 100.
  5. In all other respects (extra pay, Lodging, Provision and Subsistence Allowances, Widows' pensions .and compassionate allowances for children) Mates to be subject to the regulations for Commissioned Warrant Officers.

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