Emergency List

1913 02 18
Emergency List Promotions
And whereas by Order in Council of His late Majesty bearing date the 13th day of May 1901 the establishment was sanctioned of a list of Emergency Officers consisting of Officers formerly in the Royal Navy whose commissions have been restored to them.

And whereas in the said Order in Council it is laid down that the restoration or retention of commissions shall not carry promotion whilst Officers are unemployed.

And whereas we are of opinion that an exception to this rule should be made in the case of Sub-Lieutenants as well as in the case of Lieutenants whose promotion under certain conditions was sanctioned by Order in Council of the 11th day of July 1905:

We beg leave humbly to recommend that Your Majesty may be graciously pleased by Your Order in Council to authorize us at our discretion to promote Sub-Lieutenants on the Emergency List to the rank of Lieutenant under the following conditions, namely:

  1. Sub-Lieutenants. placed on the .Emergency List to be eligible for promotion to the rank of Lieutenant after attaining three years' seniority.
  2. Officers so-promoted to be treated in all respects as Lieutenants on the Emergency List when called out or under training.

We further beg leave to recommend that these arrangements may be applied retrospectively to meet the case of an Officer whose seniority as Sub -Lieutenant dates from the 30th March 1904.

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