Senior Engineer Officers

Improvements in Pay, Position, and Regulations for Retirement

LG 1908 03 24 P 05
And whereas we consider it desirable to make certain improvements in the pay and position and to introduce new regulations for the retirement of Engineer Officers of Your Majesty's Naval Service.

We beg leave humbly to recommend that Your Majesty may be graciously pleased by Your Order in Council to sanction the following proposals:

I. Two Good Service Pensions of the value of two hundred pounds per annum to be established for Engineer Vice-Admirals and Engineer Rear-Admirals, and two of one hundred and fifty pounds a year for Engineer Captains who hold or may have held that rank on the Active List. Chief Inspectors of Machinery and Inspectors of Machinery on the Retired List retired from those ranks respectively to be eligible for these pensions.

II. The scale of Pensions for Widows and Compassionate Allowances to legitimate children of Engineer Vice Admirals and Engineer Rear Admirals, and of Engineer Captains retired from that rank, to be as follows, viz:-

Rank of Officer Widow’s Ordinary Pension Ordinary Compassionate Allowances If the officer was killed in action or died within two years of wounds received in action. If the officer was drowned, or suffered other violent death, in an immediate act of duty, or it be proved to the satisfaction of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty that he died from the effects of any injury or disease caused by extraordinary exposure or exertion on service within two years after his being first certified to be ill.
Widow's Pension. Compassionate Allowances. Widow's Pension. Compassionate Allowances.
  £ £ £ £ £ £
Engineer Vice Admiral. 120 16 to 20 According to circumstances 25 to 40 According to circumstances 20 to 30
Engineer Rear Admiral

Engineer Captains with three years' seniority on. the Active List

90 14 to 16 200 18 to 25 150 16 to 20
Engineer Captains' with less than three years' seniority on the Active List. 80 14 to 16 200 18 to 25 140 16 to 20

III. Engineer Officers to receive full pay at the rate of twenty-four shillings a day after sixteen years as Engineer. Lieutenant and Engineer Commander combined, and thereafter to be granted the authorized increments of their scale of pay, but this regulation not to apply to Officers passed over for advancement, nor to preclude the earlier issue of the twenty-four shillings rate in the case of Officers who, by receiving special advancement, reach the rank of Engineer Commander before completing the usual period and thereby become entitled to that rate after being less than sixteen years in the two ranks.

IV. The scale of retired pay and regulations for retirement to be as follows:

Rank and Age of Compulsory Retirement' Age. . Retired Pay. Service or equivalent. Addition or Deduction.
    £ . years. £
Engineer Vice-Admirals Retire at 60   650 .30 15
Engineer Rear-Admirals Retire at 60   575 30 15
Engineer Captains Retire at 55 55 500 26 15
See Note (f) as regards maximum retired pay. 54 485 26 15
  53 470 25 15
  52 455 25 15
  51 440 24 15
Engineer Commanders Retire at 50 50 425 24 10
See Note (f) as regards maximum retired pay. 49 405 23 10
  48 385 23 10
  47 365 .22 10
  46 345 22 10
Engineer Lieutenants Retire at 45 45 325 21 10
See Note (f) as regards maximum retired pay. 44 300 21 10
  43 275 20 10
  42 250 20 10
  41 225 19 10
  40 200 19 10

(a) Officers under forty years to receive Active half-pay only.

(b) Optional retirement of Engineer Vice-Admirals, Engineer Rear-Admirals, Engineer Captains and Engineer Commanders to be allowed at any age, at the discretion of the Admiralty, with retired pay on the above scale.

(c) Optional retirement of Engineer Lieutenants to be allowed at forty at the discretion of the Admiralty.

(d) Officers to be retired at any age at the discretion of the Admiralty, if found physically unfit to serve.

(e) An addition, as specified, to be made for each full year of additional service, and a deduction for each full year wanting but in neither case to exceed five years.

(f) The retired pay of Engineer Captains, Engineer Commanders and Engineer Lieutenants retired from those ranks must not exceed five hundred and fifty pounds, four hundred and fifty pounds, and three hundred pounds per annum respectively.

(g) Half-pay time and junior service to be reckoned as for Officers of the Military Branch.

(h) The periods of non-service necessitating compulsory retirement to be as laid down in Order in Council of seventh March, one thousand nine hundred and four.

(d ) The above scale of retired pay only to be applicable to Officers who elect to come under the new regulations for compulsory retirement within such period as the Admiralty may determine.

(j) The reduction in the age for compulsory retirement to be effected gradually and to be completed in five years' time.

V. These regulations to take effect from the first April, one thousand nine hundred and eight, with retrospective effect to the first April, one thousand nine hundred and three, in the case of section III above.

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