Subsistence for New Entries

1907 05 14
And whereas we have had under consideration the Regulations established under Your Majesty's Order in Council of the fifteenth June, one thousand nine hundred and one, which provide for the payment of subsistence allowance at the rate of one shilling and sixpence a day (over nine hours), and billet money at the rate of sixpence a night to candidates for entry in Your Majesty's Navy when unavoidably detained at Recruiting Stations:

And whereas, in some cases, although the candidates are not detained for periods extending to nine hours, the period of detention is sufficiently long to necessitate some expense being incurred for meals:

We humbly beg leave to recommend that Your Majesty may be graciously pleased to sanction, by Your Order in Council, the repayment of actual necessary expenses for subsistence, within a sum of one shilling, in cases of unavoidable detention extending to five hours but not reaching nine hours.

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