Officers - Uniform.

Admiralty, 26th May, 1903.

1903 05 29
Officers are not to appear in their uniform at Fancy Dress Balls
The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, in pursuance of His Majesty's pleasure, hereby give notice that Officers of the Royal Navy and of the Royal Marines are not permitted by His Majesty to appear in their uniform at Fancy Dress Balls.

By the term "uniform" is meant the dress prescribed by the regulations in force, and there is no objection to Officers wearing on such occasions uniform of an obsolete pattern which may correctly be described as fancy dress.

1903 05 29
[The following notice is to be substituted for the announcement which appeared in the London Gazette of the 23rd instant in regard to the uniform of Officers of the Royal Navy.]

Gold-braided Blue Evening Waistcoat for RN Officers abolished
In pursuance of His Majesty's pleasure the gold-braided blue evening waistcoat for Officers of the Royal Navy has been abolished, and a plain blue evening waistcoat has been substituted for it.

Naval Officers are to wear:

With No. 6 (“Mess Dress") : the white evening waistcoat alreading (sic may be should read “already being”) worn only with No. 2 (“Ball Dress") and with No. 9 (“White Mess Dress") when the Kamarband is not worn.

With No. 7 (“Mess Undress"): the plain blue evening waistcoat, which is also to be worn with No. 10 (“White Dress Undress") when the Kamarband is not worn.

Both white and blue evening waistcoats are in future to he made with a plain roll collar, but Officers may wear the present pattern white waistcoat and the blue waistcoat with the gold braid removed until new ones are required.

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