Review of Pay & Allowances - 1948

1949 10 07
Review of Pay & Allowances - 1948
At the Court at Buckingham Palace, the 29th day of September, 1949.

Present, The King's Most Excellent Majesty in Council.

Whereas there was this day read at the Board a Memorial from the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, dated the 21st day of September, 1949 (N.2/N.7615/49), in the words following, viz.:-

Whereas by Section 3 of the Naval and Marine Pay and Pensions Act, 1865, it is enacted inter alia that all pay, pensions or other allowances in the nature thereof payable in respect of services in Your Majesty's Naval or Marine Force to a person being, or having been an Officer, Seaman or Marine therein shall be paid in such manner and subject to such restrictions, conditions and provisions as are from time to time directed by Order in Council:

And whereas by Your Order in Council dated the 26th June, 1946, rates of pay and of marriage allowance were instituted with effect from 1st July, 1946; for Petty Officers and Seamen of the Royal Navy and for non-commissioned officers and men of the Royal Marines

And whereas it has been found desirable that certain of the aforesaid rates of pay and the rates of marriage allowance should be increased as from 24th November, 1948, subject to men called up for National Service and joining for duty on and after 1st January, 1947, not receiving the increased rates of pay before they have completed 12 months’ service and have attained the rating of Able Seaman or above and not receiving the increased rates of marriage allowance at any time during their initial period of called up service, separate provision being made for them in National Service Grants:

And whereas it has been found desirable to introduce rates of pay additional to those provided in Your Order in Council dated the 26th June, 1946, for the payment of boys and of artificer apprentices, and of certain ratings employed on aviation duties, .and also for certain qualifications, responsibilities, extra duties, or special circumstances arising during service in the Royal Navy:

We beg leave humbly to recommend that Your Majesty may be graciously pleased by Your Order in Council to sanction the provisions set out in the accompanying Schedules:

The Lords Commissioners of Your Majesty's Treasury have concurred in these proposals.

Schedule I

Rates of basic pay trade. pay and of marriage allowance to be substituted as from 24th November, 1948, for the rates introduced on 1st July, 1946, and for the persons shown herein.

1. Basic Pay

The following rates shall apply to Able Seaman and to higher ratings of the Seaman Branch and to men of other Branches and of the Royal Marines according to their relative rank, other than those National Service men not eligible to receive these rates:

  Daily Rate
Naval Ratings s. d.
Able Seaman 6 6
Leading Seaman 8 6
Petty Officer 10 6
Chief Petty Officer 12 0
Royal Marines    
Marine 1st Class 6 6
Corporal 8 6
Sergeant 10 6
Colour Sergeant 12 0
Quartermaster Sergeant (formerly - Staff Sergeant) 12 6
Regimental Sergeant Major 14 0

2. Trade Pay

Artificer 3rd class 1 6
Mechanician after 5 years as such 1 6

3. Marriage Allowance To the undermentioned, other than those National Service men not eligible to receive, such rates:

  Weekly Rate
  s. d.
Leading ratings and below in the Royal Navy, and Corporal and below in the Royal Marines 42 0
Petty Officer in the Royal Navy and Sergeant in the Royal Marines. 49 0
Chief Petty Officer in the Royal Navy and Colour Sergeant in the Royal Marines 52 6
Quartermaster Sergeant and Regimental Sergeant Major in the Royal Marines 56 0

Schedule II

  1. Rates of pay of R.N. and R.M. boys and apprentices, and of men employed on aviation duties.

  2.   Daily Rate
    1. Boys: s. d.
    Boy 2nd class 1 6
    Boy 1st class 2 0
    At 17½ years of age 4 0
    2. Apprentices:    
    1st year of training 1 6
    2nd year of training 2 0
    3rd year of training 2 6
    At 17½ years of age, irrespective of year of training 4 0

  3. Rates of pay of ratings employed on aviation duties, including pay for rank, and flying pay, with effect from 24th November, 1948:

  4.   Daily Rate
    s. d.
    Probationary Pilot, during Part 1 new entry training 4 0
    Probationary Pilot during training to the end of R.A.F. "all through" training. 7 0
    Pilot IV 11 6
    Pilot III 13 6
    Pilot II 16 0
    Pilot I 18 0
    Aircrewman II (U) 14 0
    Aircrewman II 16 0
    Aircrewman I (U) - ex-Chief Petty Officer (T.A.G.) 16 6
    Aircrewman I (U) - Others 15 6
    Aircrewman I 18 0

  5. Rates of pay for ratings of the R.N. Shore Signal Service, with effect from 24th November, 1948, inclusive of all increments and pay for good conduct badges:

  Dally Rate
  s. d.
Signalman 7 6
Signalman, after 2½ years as such 9 0
Petty Officer 11 6
Petty Officer, after 2 years as such 12 0

Schedule III

Additional pay for special qualification, special responsibility, extra duty, and in other circumstances as provided herein.

      Daily Rate
      s. d.
1. Bugler. To Ordinary Seamen and Boys qualified as Bugler as long as they remain efficient, or to any person acting as Bugler. 0 3
2. Butcher. To a Marine or other person doing the duty 0 3
3. Certificate Pay To ratings of the Engine-Room Artificer branch as follows:    

(a) When granted a certificate as capable of taking watch of a unit in the engine-room



    (b) To Chief Engine-room Artificers granted a certificate as capable of taking charge of the engines of a small ship 1 0
4. Charge Pay (a) To Chief ratings of Artificer and Mechanician Branches who are certified to be capable of taking charge of their department; not payable to Chief Engine-Room Artificers concurrently with Charge Certificate pay. 1 0
    (b) To the senior or only Stores rating forming part complement of a ship not allowed a Supply Officer. Payable only if independent provision and clothing accounts are rendered direct to the Admiralty. 1 0
    (c) To the senior or only Writer rating (or if no Writer rating is borne, to the Stores rating performing dual Accountant and Victualling duties) forming part complement of a ship not allowed a Supply Officer, provided that a ledger is rendered 1 0
    (d) To the senior W/T and senior V/S ratings in ships allowed a qualified (C) officer and/or a Senior Commissioned Communications Officer or a Commissioned Communications Officer, when none of these officers is. borne 1 0
5. Cinematograph Operator To suitably trained ratings graph or Royal Marines employed on operating a cinematograph projector in connection with the exhibition of films for service purposes 1 0
6. Command of tenders etc. To Chief Petty Officers and others when specially allowed the additional. Pay by Admiralty authority 1 0

7. Cook, acting. To the person acting as Cook in a small vessel or tender or in any vessel in which care and maintenance parties sleep and are victualled; (not payable to Cook ratings). In a vessel with numbers victualled of less than 15. 0 3
    In a vessel with numbers victualled of 15 or more The allowance is payable in submarines when the vessel is away from the parent ship on detached duty. Two allowances may be paid if two electric cookers are provided. 0 6
8. Senior Cook rating (General Mess). (a) To senior Cook (S) rating employed under the general mess system in a ship with 250 or more in the General Mess when a Senior Commissioned or Commissioned Cookery Officer is not borne . 1 0
    (b) To senior Cook (S) rating employed under the General Mess system in a shore establishment where the numbers victualled exceed 1,000 and there are more than two galleys to be supervised by the senior rating (exclusive of officers' galleys or sick bay galleys) and when a Senior Commissioned or Commissioned Cookery Officer is not borne 1 0
9. Coxswain. To Chief Petty Officers and Petty Officers employed as Coxswain, Submarine Coxswain, or Surveying Coxswain, where allowed by scheme of complement, but not applicable to Admiral's Coxswain, or to Coxswains or Submarine Coxswains borne in depot ships 1 0
10. Difference of Specialist pay. To ratings of the Seaman, Signal, Telegraphist and Naval Airman Branches, and Royal Marines holding a specialist qualification higher than that appropriate to their substantive rating, when necessarily employed on the higher specialist duties (a) Leading ratings with First Class specialist rate while borne in a complement vacancy for First Class rate 0 6
    (b) A.B. rating holding a Second Class specialist rate while borne in a complement vacancy for a Second Class rate 0 6
    (c) Ordinary rating holding a Third Class specialist rate while borne in a complement vacancy for a Third Class rate 0 3
    Not payable concurrently with difference of pay when the rating concerned is filling a substantive vacancy.    
11. Diver To ratings below Petty Officer while holding qualifications as:-
     Diver 3rd class
     Diver 2nd class
     Diver 1st class
12 Flying Pay To qualify air crew ratings other than those in receipt of a consolidated rate of pay which includes flying pay:
    Flying Training Allowance: Payable during flying training. Not payable with consolidated rate of pay including flying pay. 2 0
    Flying Extra Pay: To ratings not in receipt of other Flying Pay who form part of an aircrew with specific duty in naval aircraft during flight. Payable continuously while detailed for regular flying duty. 1 0
13 Higher Fire Control Allowance To ratings (Band, Regulating, Writer, Stores, Officers’ Steward and Cook) competent to perform important duties in the fire control system for which a gunnery rating is not provided
     Higher Grade
     Lower Grade
14 Instructional Allowance Payable to Leading or higher RN ratings and NCO’s Royal Marines, who have definite responsibility and charge out of instructional hours of Boys and Apprentices in R.N. and R.M. Boys’ and Apprentices’ training establishments ashore 0 6
15 Instructor’s Pay Payable to ratings with the following qualifications:-
Gunnery Instructor (R.N. and R.M.)
Staff P.T. Instructor (R.N. and R.M.)
Plotting and Radar Instructor
Submarine Detector Instructor
T.A.G.1 Instructor
Telegraphist Detector Instructor
Torpedo Instructor
Signal Instructor
Wireless Instructor
T.A.S. Instructor





To rating acting as an interpreter while actually performing the duties (Each hour, up to a maximum of 5s. 0d.)




Machinery Allowances

(a) To Chief E.R.A.s, E.R.A.s, Chief Mechanicians, Mechanicians and Motor Mechanics, when in charge of the propelling machinery of H.M. seagoing ships or vessels in commission with a full or special complement; but not in ships or submarines in commission with a reserve crew or in vessels refitting, unless with prior Admiralty sanction.




In small craft including drifters which are not commissioned as tenders with separate crews, this allowance is only payable when the vessels are employed on passage of over 24 hours’ duration, or are absent at sea overnight.


(6) To Engine Room ratings other than E:R.As. and Mechanicians, when placed in charge of the machinery of small craft, whether steam or motor driven, the indicated horsepower or brake horsepower of which exceeds 100



    Not payable in respect of small craft, including drifters, which form part of the equipment of. H.M. ships, or are maintained in reserve, except when employed on passage of over 24 hours' duration or absent at sea overnight.    

(c) To ratings other than E.R.As. or Mechanicians, in charge of engines at W/T stations at home or abroad




(d) To Chief and Other Aircraft Artificers (A) (E), Chief and other Air Mechanicians, Senior Air Fitters, or Senior Skilled Air Mechanics, drafted in lieu if an Air Engineer Officer is not borne, in any of the following units:-

  1. Operational Squadrons,
  2. Ship's staff (air),
  3. Air stations and air sections,
  4. Storage sections



    (e) To Petty Officer Stoker Mechanics when in certain internal combustion engined vessels an Engine Room Artificer or a Petty Officer Stoker Mechanic is allowed in complement in charge of propelling machinery




Master-at-Arms' Allowance.

Payable to all holding the paid rating of Master-at-Arms




Navigator's Yeoman.

To the rating employed as writer with a: Navigating Officer in sea-going ships




Schoolmaster, Acting.

To the rating performing the duty where authorized by complement provided he carries out teaching duties to the satisfaction of the Captain




Senior Engineer's Allowance.

To Chief E.R.As, E.R.As., Chief. Mechanicians and Mechanicians when performing the duties in seagoing ships in commission with a full or special complement allowed an Engineer Commander or Commander, (E) without alternative

1 0
22. Shorthand Typist. To qualified Writer ratings and Royal Marine ranks:
     Higher grade
     Lower grade


Sick Berth duties.

To the rating other than Sick Berth rating employed on the duties:-
  1. In ships other than destroyers in which:-
    1. A Sick Berth rating is allowed but not borne
    2. A Sick Berth rating is not allowed nor a Medical Officer borne
  2. In ships including destroyers in which a Sick Berth rating is not allowed but a Medical Officer is borne


24 Sick Berth C.P.O. acting as Wardmaster. For charge of stores and for other responsibilities attaching to his office as Wardmaster 0 6


Submarine Pay. To ratings qualified for service in submarines and while belonging to the Submarine Branch; pay able also to ratings not belonging to the Submarine Branch who proceed to sea in a submarine for the purpose of specific duty in the vessel:
Leading ratings and above
Able ratings and below


Departmental Stores Charge allowance.

When no officer is available for the duty, C.P.Os. or P.Os. other than Stores ratings, placed in charge of and keeping accounts for certain stores may be paid a special allowance according to the responsibility involved, subject to Admiralty approval in each case

0 or

27. Captain's Writer. To Writer or Stores ratings while employed as the Captain's Writer in all H.M. ships and establishments of Captain's Command which are allowed by complement a Supply Officer as Captain's Secretary and no Supply Officer is borne for duty as Captain's Secretary 1 0
28. Senior Officer's Writer. To the Writer or Stores rating acting as Writer to a senior Naval Officer, subject to Admiralty approval in each case 1 0
29. Writer duties. To the rating, other than Writer or Stores rating, provided for clerical duties as Captain's Writer, Air Engineer Officer's Writer, Air Gunnery Officer's Writer, Commander's or Commander (Air)'s Office Writer, Electrical Officer's Writer Engineer Officer's Writer, Gunnery Officer's Writer, T.A.S. Officer's Writer   0     6  


Rates of extra pay for extraordinary service and for other services as specified below.


Daily Rate

    s. d.


For extraordinary service


(a) Chief petty officer and Petty Officer, R.N. Regimental Sergeant Major, Quartermaster Sergeant Colour Sergeant and Sergeant R.M.

1 3

(b) Leading ratings Able ratings, Stokers 2nd class R.N., and equivalent R.M. ranks

1 0

(c) Ordinary ratings other than Stokers 2nd class R.N., and equivalent R.M. ranks

0 9
Boys 0 3

  2.   For work in confined spaces:    
  (a) General rate 0 9
  (b) Within the tropics 1 6
  (c) In the Red Sea or Persian Gulf between 1st April and 30th November inclusive   1     6  

Payment under (b) and (c) to be restricted to the general rate for ratings in receipt of Tropical Allowance concurrently.

On the West coast of South America, payment is to be restricted to the general rate when Tropical Allowance is not payable.

Chief Petty Officers, Petty Officers, and Leading ratings, engaged in supervision over working parties entailing their presence in confined spaces, to be eligible to receive the appropriate extra pay.

3. For work of an objectionable nature:- Naval ratings or Marines employed on work of a particularly objectionable character

(a) General rate

0 9

(b) Within the tropics     

  1     6  

Not payable concurrently with extra pay for work in confined spaces.

4. Tropical Allowance

Payable to Naval ratings employed under the authority of the Commanding Officer, and as prescribed from time to time as to the ships or types of ship or the compartments of ships and the circumstances in which payment may be made.   1     6  

5. Hard-lying Money Payable to Officers and Men living and sleeping on board such ships and in such circumstances as are prescribed from time to time:


Daily Rates

Rank or Rating Full Half Full Rates
  s. d. s. d.

Lieutenant, R.N. and above, and relative ranks





Sub-Lieutenant, Acting Sub Lieutenant, Midshipman and Cadet, Senior Commissioned Officer and Commissioned Officer on the Branch List including relative ranks





Regimental Sergeant Major, R.M., Quartermaster Sergeant, R.M., Chief Petty Officer, Petty Officer, and equivalent R.M. ranks





Leading, Able and Ordinary ratings and equivalent R.M. ranks





Boys and equivalent ranks





6. Acting as Shorthand Writers:- Payable to officers and men of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines acting under competent authority as shorthand writer at courts-martial, boards of enquiry and other important enquiries at which it is necessary that evidence should be recorded in shorthand.




For each folio of 100 words, to cover both notes and transcription, subject to a minimum payment of 5s. 0d. for any one court-martial or other occasion. 0 9

His Majesty, having taken the said Memorial into consideration, was pleased, by and with the advice of His Privy Council, to approve of what is therein proposed.

And the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty are to give the necessary directions herein accordingly.
E. C. E. Leadbitter.

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