Service in a Ship of War at Sea

1909 10 26
Service in a Ship of War at Sea
At the Court at Buckingham Palace, the 18th October, 1909.

Present, The King's Most Excellent Majesty in Council.

Whereas there was this day read at the Board a Memorial from the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, dated 16th September, 1909, in the words following, viz. -.

Whereas by Section 3 of the Naval and Marine Pay and Pensions Act, 1865, etc.

And whereas by Order in Council of Her late Majesty of 19th May, 1899, the service in Your Majesty's Fleet which Officers are allowed to count as "Service in a Ship of War at Sea" is defined as time served on board Your Majesty's ships commissioned for sea service:

And whereas we are of opinion that the conditions under which the trials of Your Majesty's ships prior to commissioning are now carried out render it desirable that time spent on such trials should be allowed to count as "Service in a Ship of War at Sea:"

We beg leave humbly to recommend that Your Majesty may be graciously pleased by Your Order in Council to sanction the time during which Officers are engaged on the trials of Your Majesty's ships, from the date of arrival of the Navigating Party on board to the date of its departure, being counted as equivalent for all purposes to "Service in a Ship of War at Sea."

The Lords Commissioners of Your Majesty's Treasury have signified their concurrence in this proposal.

His Majesty having taken the said Memorial into consideration, was pleased, by and with the advice of His Privy Council, etc.
Almeric FitzRoy

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