Establishment of the Ordnance Artificer Branch, and the Armourer Branch to be closed.

23 Jan 1920
And whereas we consider that in order to make better provision for the care and maintenance of the gun armament of Your Majesty's Fleet it is desirable that a new branch should be established, to be called the Ordnance Artificer Branch :

We beg leave humbly to recommend that Your Majesty may be graciously pleased, by Your Order in Council, to sanction as from the 1st March, 1919, the proposals set forth in the annexed schedule :

The Lords Commissioners of Your Majesty's Treasury have signified their concurrence in these proposals.



Ordnance Artificer Branch

1. The following ranks to be established, viz.

  • Ordnance Lieutenant-Commander;
  • Ordnance Lieutenant;
  • Commissioned Ordnance Officer;
  • Warrant Ordnance Officer.

2. The total number of Officers of this branch to be fixed for the present at 46, viz. 3 Ordnance Lieutenants or Lieutenant Commanders ;

  • 14 Commissioned Ordnance Officers
  • 29 Warrant Ordnance Officers,

the number of Commissioned Ordnance Officers being temporary pending the operation of the rule under which deserving Warrant Officers are promoted to Commissioned Warrant Rank after 10 years' service as Warrant Officer.

3. These appointments to be filled in the first place by the transfer to the corresponding rank in the Ordnance Artificer Branch of selected volunteers from Commissioned Armourers, Warrant Armourers, and Artificer Engineers, and the Armourer Branch to be closed.

4. Ordnance Lieutenants to be eligible for promotion to Ordnance Lieutenant-Commander on attaining 8 years' seniority as Ordnance Lieutenant.

5. In other respects Officers of this Branch to come under the general rules for promotion applicable to other Warrant Officer branches, subject to the proviso that the sea service qualification for promotion may be waived at our discretion in the case of Commissioned Armourers transferred to the Ordnance Branch.

6. Pay, retired pay, and pensions to be generally as for Officers of similar classes in the Mechanical Branches.

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