On the 16th June 1955 the Submarine HMS Sidon suffered a torpedo explosion whilst alongside HMS Maidstone at Portland Harbour.

The torpedo was an experimental one using High Test Peroxide the same type of fuel used in the torpedo, which is believed to have caused the more recent tragedy aboard the Russian Submarine Kursk

In the Sidon accident 13 men lost their lives, they are buried at the Royal Naval Cemetery at Portland, but apart from their headstones there is no other memorial.

There will be a memorial service held on the 50th Anniversary in 2005 at which time it is hoped that a Memorial stone will be unveiled.

Dorset Branch of the Submariners Association would welcome contact from any members of the crew of the Sidon at the time of the accident, their families, or anyone involved in the salvage and rescue operation.

Please contact Brian Hodder at:

Obviously things are at an early stage of planning at the present time, but closer to the commemoration date details of time and location will be sent out to those who have been in contact. Please feel free to contact me with any queries.

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