Addressing Correspondence for the Commissioners of the Navy and Victualling

Admiralty Orders &c.

Admiralty Circular, 6 June 1822

All letters and public documents of whatsoever description, relating to the Naval service, heretofore addressed to the Commissioners of the Navy and Victualling, or to their Secretaries, whether from officers of the Navy in or out of commission, or in any of the Civil or Marine departments of the Navy, are to be addressed, from and after the receipt of this order, to the Secretary of the Admiralty.

It is further directed, that all accounts relating to the receipt and expenditure of stores, provisions, and medicines ; of demands for stores, provisions, and medicines ; all accounts of cash, applications for imprests, or money, all periodical returns, and, generally, all papers and documents heretofore sent to the Navy and Victualling Offices, shall have printed on the lower corner of the cover, one of the following words, as the case may be, "Surveyor," "Accountant," "Storekeeper," "Comptroller Victualling," "Physician."

By order of their Lordships.

John Barrow,

To all whom it may concern.

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