Candidates for Promotion to Gunner


Admiralty, 17th Feb. 1834.

The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty having deemed it expedient for the good of His Majesty's service, that those seamen only who have been instructed on board the Excellent, and received from the captain of that ship a first class certificate, shall be considered eligible for promotion to the situation of gunner ; the commanders-in-chief on the several stations are therefore, from time to time, to obtain from the commanding officers of the ships and vessels under their orders, lists of such men as may be most intelligent, and the best calculated for the purpose, from which lists they are to make selections for promotions to gunners' warrants. But this regulation is not to affect those who, at the receipt of this order, may be acting as gunners by the order of any commander-in-chief, and who, on their return to England, will be considered eligible for confirmation on qualifying themselves on board the Excellent.

The examination of a candidate for a gunner's warrant, directed by the instructions relating to his Majesty's service at sea, is to be discontinued, and in lieu thereof he is to undergo an examination before a captain and three masters of his Majesty's ships, who are to satisfy themselves that he is in all respects a good practical seaman, and a certificate thereof, and of his service in the Royal Navy, is to be transmitted for their Lordships' information, according to the form, No. 28, in the appendix to the general printed instructions.

By command of their Lordships,

George Elliot.

To all Flag Officers, Commander-in-Chief, Captains, &c.

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