Masters' Assistant, or Volunteers

Admiralty Circular,

15 Jan 1831.

My Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty are pleased to direct that, in future, no Masters' Assistant, or Volunteers of the second class, shall be entered in the complements of His Majesty's ships, except only such as have already served in those ratings, who will be allowed to be re-entered and to continue in the service, upon the application of such Captains or Commanders as may wish to have them, to the extent of the scheme of the Peace Establishment, dated 1st Jan. 1830.

The number of volunteers of the first class in each rate is to be as follows, viz :

1st Rates, Guard Ships 4
2nd Rates, Guard Ships 3
3rd Rates, Guard Ships 3
1st and 2nd Rates, Sea-going Ships 4
3rd, 4th, and 5th Rates, Sea-going Ships 3
6th Rates, and Sloops with 115 men, Sea-going Ships 2
10 Gun Brigs, Sea-going Ships 1

And sea-going ships of all classes are to be allowed to bear, as part complement, a number of college volunteers, equal to that of the volunteers of the first class : but this regulation is not to take effect in ships at present in commission, except as vacancies occur.

Their Lordships are also pleased to direct that no captains' clerks be in future entered, who may not have already served in that rating on board one of his Majesty's ships ; and that the name of the captain's clerk be

included in the quarterly returns of officers serving on board.

An amended copy of the Peace Establishment will be issued as soon as it can conveniently be prepared.

George Elliot.

To all Commanders .in-Chief, Captains,

Commanders, and Commanding Officers, of

his Majesty's ships and vessels.

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