Change of Muster Books etc.
Muster-Books and Victualling-Books to be Transmitted Quarterly to the Admiralty

The ‘Muster-Book’ of HM ships and vessels being, in the future, to be made up and transmitted quarterly, on the 31st of March, 30th June, 30th September, and 31st December in each year, instead of every two months, as at present ; and the said muster-book being also to combine the particulars of the ‘Purser’s Victualling Book,’ which is in consequence to be abolished ; it is hereby directed, that the new form of muster-book be brought into general use from the 1st of July next : but in cases where it may not be received by that day, it is to be brought into use on the first day of the quarter succeeding that in which it has been received.

We further direct that the pursers of HM ships and vessels do continue to make out their victualling-books according to the present form to the day on which the new form of muster-book is brought into use, and transmit them to this office for examination with the first quarterly muster-book : and the instructions prepared upon the above-mentioned new form for the muster-book are to most carefully and correctly complied with.

Given under out hands this fourteenth day of June 1832.

T. M. Hardy,
G. Barrington.

To all Captains, Commanders, Commanding Officers and Pursers of HM Ships and Vessels.

By Command of their Lordships.

John Barrow.

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