The Muster of Crews of HM Ships by Commander-in-Chief, or Senior Officer

Circular No. 81.
13 June 1832.

Whereas we have thought fit to discontinue the practice of Mustering the Crews of His Majesty's Ships and Vessels, by the Master Attendant, or his Assistant; as heretofore ordered.

We do hereby direct, that, in future, the Commander-in-chief at the respective ports, or one of the senior Captains, whom he may appoint in his stead, (taking to their assistance his Secretary, or Purser, or an experienced clerk) shall occasionally visit, at such periods as he may think fit, (provided the same be done twice in each month,) such of His Majesty's ships and vessels, as may be under his command, and in the presence of his Flag, and shall then carefully muster their Crews; he is to observe, that their muster-books be perfectly regular and complete ; that all entries and discharges therein be strictly correct ; and he is to prepare an exact statement of the numbers borne, mustered, and checked, (as per form) agreeing with the ship's Muster Table; which statement of the crews of such ships and vessels, as he may have so mustered during the week, shall be forwarded so as to reach our Office every Sunday morning : the same being previously copied into the abstract which is to be kept in the Commander-in-chief's Office.

It is our farther direction, that he make, or cause to be made, by the senior Captain as aforesaid, a more strict and particular muster and inspection of every ship or vessel, a few days before they proceed to sea, (particularly of those recently commissioned,) when the entries and discharges is the muster-books are to be carefully examined, and the authority by which they have been made, ascertained, of which an additional certificate is to be given.

The same forms of mustering the crews of His Majesty's ships and vessels are to be attended to abroad, by the respective Commanders-in-chief or by s senior Officer, in his absence, who is to forward the statements as above required, to our Secretary, by every fit opportunity, an abstract of the same being preserved by the Commander-in-chief to whom the senior Officer, who may have mustered, is from time to time to transmit them.

As we deem this service of the utmost importance, we cannot too strictly call the attention of all Flag and senior Officers to it, or enforce their due observance of it.

The foregoing regulations are to commence on the 1st July next, on Home Stations; and on Foreign Stations, so soon as it may be practicable, after the new Muster Book shall have been received.

T. M. Hardy,
G. Barrington.

To all Commanders-in-Chief, Flag Officers, Captains, and Commanding Officers of HM Ships and Vessels.

By Command of their Lordships.
John Barrow.

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