The Calculation of Pay for Men Remaining on Station when their Ship Heads back to the UK

Whereas, on the 27th of last month we apprised the respective Commanders-in-Chief on the foreign stations, that it was our intention to direct payment of their wages to be made by the naval storekeepers to such seamen as may volunteer to continue their services abroad, on the ships to which they may belong being ordered home, We desire and direct that the following regulations be observed in carrying our intentions into effect :

The calculations on the tickets to be paid by the naval storekeepers are to be made on board the ship from which the men may volunteer, under the immediate responsibility of the captain, where also their tickets for any former ships are to be prepared for payment, the table of pay in the Naval Instructions being used as a guide for this purpose : and, with a further view of ensuring accuracy in this respect, a table for the calculation of allotments is sent herewith.

In cases of men who have made allotments, the amount of which may be affected by the parties being disrated, perfect correctness in the amount of the payment to be made cannot be attained, as the persons in whose favour such allotments have been made, must continue to receive them at the higher rate, until information of the disrating shall have reached this office ; the captains of his Majesty's ships are therefore, in calculating the allotment, to make ample allowance for the same, by charging the higher rate of allotment for such period of time, from the date of the disrating, as in their opinion will secure the public from any loss ; and the men are to be informed that any overcharge of their allotment on this account will be refunded on their return to England.

If no notation of allotment should appear on a man's ticket for a former ship, he is to be strictly questioned as to any allotment being in force, and to abate the amount accordingly.

In order to prevent overpayment abroad in consequence of a seaman having granted a power of attorney to an agent to receive his wages in England, directions have been given to the Accountant-General not to pay any wages to agents without the production of the man's ticket.

A commissioned officer from the ship into which men may volunteer, is to be directed to attend the payments, and to attest the same by his signature to each ticket.

Given under our hands this 14th day of February, 1834,

T. M. Hardy,
S. J. Brooke Pechell,

To all Flag Officers, Commander-in-Chief, Captains, and Commanding Officers, of HM Ships and Vessels.

By Command of their Lordships.

George Elliot.

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