Pursers Pay

Pursers.- We have much gratification in hearing that it has been determined to increase the half-pay of pursers of the Royal Navy, to 5s., 6s., and 7s. per diem, instead of 3s., 4s., and 5s. as at present. The increase will not become a charge upon the Navy estimates, as it is intended to reduce the allowance made to pursers in commission, fix the care of provisions, from an eighth to a tenth; by which regulation, in a line-of-battle ship, where eighths amount to 500 a year, it will be only 400 a year. It is also intended, as we are informed, to reduce the entire list of pursers to an effective list ; by which all those who hold or have held civil employments, and all those incapable of further servitude from infirmities, will continue to receive their present modicum of half-pay only.

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