1. Allowance for Schoolmasters

2. Payment of the Schoolmasters' Allowance Received from Young Gentlemen

His Majesty has been graciously pleased by his Order in Council of the 30th of last month, to direct, with a view to the encouragement of such persons as may be disposed to undertake the duty of Schoolmaster on board HM ships, that the sum of five pounds shall be deducted from the pay of each Midshipman, volunteer of the first class, or other quarter-deck petty officer, who may receive instruction from the Schoolmaster, to be paid to that officer in the same manner, and under the same regulations, as are at present observed in regard to Chaplains who perform the additional duty of Schoolmaster ;

We hereby desire and direct, that the proper notation thereof be made in the ship’s books, to insure the deduction of the sum above-mentioned from the pay of midshipmen, volunteers of the first class, and other quarter-deck petty officers, who may receive instruction from the Schoolmaster, and the payment thereof to that officer by the Navy Board.

Given under out hands this sixth day of June 1832.

S. J. Brooke Pechell,
G. Barrington.

To all Captains, Commanders and Commanding Officers of HM Ships and Vessels.

By Command of their Lordships.

George Elliot.

Payment of the Schoolmasters' Allowance Received from Young Gentlemen


Admiralty, 12th Feb. 1834.

The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty having been pleased to allow chaplains acting as schoolmasters, and schoolmasters, to draw bills at the end of every six months, for the sums which they may be entitled to receive from the wages of young gentlemen under their tuition, (viz. at the rate of £5 per annum for each young gentleman, allowed by Article 29, page 21, of His Majesty's regulations,) it is their Lordships' direction that, on the chaplain or schoolmaster of any of His Majesty's ships becoming entitled to such allowance, the captain shall sanction the chaplain or schoolmaster drawing a bill for that amount; taking especial care that the proper notations of the time under instruction are placed on the ship's books against the names of the respective young gentlemen.

For the purpose of furnishing the means of official check, the particulars are to be inserted upon the general and pay slop books, in the annexed form : and on the discharge of the officer, there shall be written on the back of his ticket, or at the foot of one of the pay lists, (if in the case of a schoolmaster removed at home to another ship,) a similar account for the time for which a pay slop book shall not have been lodged in office, care being taken that such account be also shewn in the slop book when made out.

The sum so drawn for will be placed to the officer's debit, and the sums charged or chargeable upon the pay books will be placed to his credit, in the books of the office of the Accountant-General of the Navy, and the balance paid with the residue of his wages.

By command of their Lordships,

George Elliot.

To Captains, Commanding Officers, Chaplains and Pursers of HM Ships and Vessels.

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