Tanks belonging to HM ships


Admiralty, 18 March, 1833,

The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty hereby direct that the Tanks belonging to HM ships which may be hereafter commissioned, or re-commissioned, shall be placed in charge of the pursers of such ships ; who are hereby are required to charge themselves with them accordingly.

By Command of their Lordships.

George Elliot.

To all Captains, Commanding Officers, and Pursers of HM Ships and Vessels.

The Hampshire Telegraph of 2 Jan 1843 reports that at the suggestion of Thomas Grant Esq., of the Royal Clarence Victualling Yard, a new varnish, manufactured of naptha, is in future to be substituted for the paint now applied to the outside of the iron water tanks for H.M. Ships, the cost of which is only one fourth that of paint. The varnish has been well tested, and proved to be perfectly efficacious, and is applicable to all sorts of wood and metal.

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