A Chaplain shall be a Clergyman of the Church of England and Ireland, in Priest's Orders, and shall produce such Testimonials of his conduct and fitness for the station as the Admiralty may require.

Regulations under His Majesty's Order in Council of 31 July, 1835, for the admission of Chaplains into His Majesty's Naval Service :

No person shall be appointed a Chaplain in the Royal Navy who shall not have been regularly ordained Deacon and Priest of the United Church of England and Ireland, or who shall not have been graduated at the University of Oxford, Cambridge, or Trinity College, Dublin, or whose age shall exceed thirty-five years, or who shall hold any benefice with cure of souls, or who shall not produce testimonials from two benefited clergymen of his good moral and religious conduct, or who shall hot have been examined by some competent person to be appointed for that purpose by the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, and be reported by him to be in every respect a fit and proper person to fill with respectability and advantage to His Majesty's service the situation of Chaplain.

Charles Wood


Form of Half-pay Declaration to be taken by such Chaplains as shall hereafter be placed on the Half-pay List, under His Majesty's Order in Council, of 31st July, 1835.

I ______________ do solemnly and sincerely declare that I did not accept any benefice with cure of souls before I had completed a term of service in the Royal Navy, as Chaplain, .equal to eight years' service at sea; that I have not between the

day of ____________and the ____day of ______ been employed as Chaplain of any of His Majesty's ships, and have not held, and do not hold, any appointment as Chaplain of a Naval Establishment, the emoluments of which amount to four hundred pounds per annum.; and I make this solemn Declaration, conscientiously believing the same to be true.

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