Admiralty Charts

Appointment of Agent to Sell to Mercantile Shipping

Admiralty, 15th February, 1830.

The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty being desirous to extend the benefit of the Marine Surveys which have been made for the use of His Majesty's Navy, more generally among the Mercantile Shipping of the Empire, have appointed Mr. R. B. Bate, 21, Poultry, London, to be their Lordships' agent for the sale of all Charts, Plans, Views, and Sailing Directions, which are published under their Lordships' orders; and he has been directed to employ proper sub-agents at the principal sea-ports for the same purpose.

All corrections, arising from surveys in progress will be notified to the agent for immediate insertion, so that the Charts and Directions in his hands will always contain the most recent and authentic information,

Catalogues may be had at the agent's, stating the prices which have been authorised by their Lordships.


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