Leave and Foreign Leave

Admiralty, June 22, 1821.

In order to prevent inconvenience to individual Officers as well as to his Majesty's service, the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty think it necessary to remind the Officers of His Majesty's Navy and Royal Marine Forces, that they cannot receive their Half-pay for any period during which they may be absent from this kingdom without their Lordships' leave ; and that Officers who may wish to remain abroad beyond their original leave, should take care to apply for a renewal thereof in due time, (stating the date their last letter of leave here) so that such application may be received at this Office prior to the expiration of the former leave, as (unless very special circumstances can be stated in any particular case) no Half-pay can be pa id for any period of absence abroad which shall not be covered by their Lordships' leave.

All applications, either for original leave, or for a renewal thereof, whether made through agents or otherwise, must be written by the Officer himself, and addressed to the Secretary of the Admiralty.

This regulation will take effect From this date, with regard to all Officers hereafter applying for leave; and from the First of January next, with regard to Officers now abroad on the Continent of Europe or North America; and after the First of July, 1822, with regard to Officers in other parts of the world.

Nothing herein contained is to authorize any Officer to draw for Half-pay who is not now entitled by Law to do so.



Admiralty, 20th April, 1830.

The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty have been pleased to direct that, in cases of Officers neglecting to apply for a renewal of leave of absence, a respite shall not be placed against the Half-Pay of such Officers until the expiration of three months from the period at which their leave shall have terminated.

By command of their Lordships,

J. W. Croker

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