Qualifications for the Upper School of the Royal Hospital, Greenwich

This School now comprises two Classes of Candidates.

1st - One Hundred Sons of Commissioned and Ward-room Warrant Officers of the Royal Navy and Marines.

2nd - Three Hundred Sons of Officers of the above or inferior rank and of Private Seamen and Marines who have served, or are service, in the Royal Navy; and of Officers or Seamen of the Merchant Service.

The whole Four Hundred Boys are subject to the same regulations as to Education, Diet, Clothing, Discipline and Destination.

Every Candidate must have attained the age of ELEVEN, and not exceed TWELVE years and be free from any Impediment of speech or other infirmity of Body or Mind - be able to read fluently, to write small text well. and to work the first three Rules of Arithmetic, with facility and accuracy.

The Education in this School is confined to Mathematics and Navigation, with a proper regard to Religious Instruction.

The Construction of Charts upon Geometrical Principles, is the only branch of Drawing taught in the School.

At the time of admission, two respectable Housekeepers (of whom the Father, if qualified, should be one) are to be jointly bound in the sum of Fifty Pounds, that the Boy shall not abscond from the School, nor embezzle or injure any of the Clothes, Books, Instruments, or other property of the Institution.

At the age of Fifteen (or sooner if the usual coarse of Education is completed)all the Boys in the Upper School shall be sent to Sea, either in the Royal Navy or Merchants' Service, or otherwise disposed of as may be determined.

The following Certificate. are in all cases to be produced previous to admission into the School:

1. A Certificate declaring the Boy to be a proper Object for the Charity (for which see page 166).

2. A Certificate of the Marriage of his Parents or if not attainable, other satisfactory proof thereof.

3. A Declaration before a Magistrate of the date of Birth.

4. A Certificate of the Father's Servitude at Sea ; if in the Royal Navy, it will he obtained by the Clerk of the Check of the Institution so soon as this Form is returned : if in the Merchants' Service, the Guardians of the Boy are to procure it from the Collector of Sixpenny Duty, or of the Customs of the Port out of which the Father sailed.



The Columns of the Table in p. 166 are to be filled up, and also the certificate.

Return this paper with the several Certificates above named, under cover, directed to the Clerk of the Check, and marked "on Service."

All the above directions must be strictly observed, or the admission of the Child will be delayed, if not wholly lost.


N.B. Information to Parents as to the Patrons have Presentation, to this School, according to the description of claims possessed by the Applicant, will be given by the Secretary of Greenwich Hospital.

When the Parents or Guardians of a Boy have obtained a Presentation for him, due notice will be given when he is to appear at Greenwich Hospital for examination and admission


Boy's Name. Father's Name and Place of Birth, and if living or dead. Mother's Name and Place of Birth, and if living or dead. When and Where married. Residence Names of Ships in which Father has served.
Royal Navy, and year of Entry in each ship Merchant Vessels

These are to Certify that ________ Son of ___________of this Parish, is a proper Object for the Charity.

Minister of the Parish of _____________

Church wardens in the County of _________________



No. 1.

Royal Hospital Greenwich

Herewith you will receive the Rules and Regulations for the admission of Children into the Lower School of this Institution ; and you are particularly desired to read the same with attention and comply therewith in every respect, as far as relates to your case.

Great delay having. frequently happened, and in some instances the benefit of the Institution been entirely lost to Children, by neglecting to send the whole of the Documents, and answer the several questions; you are hereby informed that unless you comply with these directions, your claim must necessarily be rejected.

Clerk of the Cheque.


This School consists of Boys, the Sons of Warrant and Petty Officers and Seamen, and of Non-commissioned Officers, and Privates of Marines, who have served or are serving in the Royal Navy : they are eligible from Nine to Twelve Years of Age, and quit the Institution at Fifteen. They are to be sent to Sea if Situations can be provided for them ; and any unprovided for at Fifteen to be taken away by their Parents or Guardians.

They must be free from any impediment of speech, or other infirmity of body or mind.

They are admitted, on application to the Governor, upon the following Scale:

1st - Those whose Fathers have been killed or drowned in Her Majesty's Service, and are destitute of Mothers.

2nd - Those whose Fathers have been killed or drowned in Her Majesty's Service, whose Mothers are living.

3rd - Those whose Fathers have died in the Service, and have lost their Mothers.

4th - Those whose Fathers have died in the Service and have Mothers living

5th - Those whose Fathers have been wounded maimed in Her Majesty's Service, or after long Service, incapable of further Service.

6th - Those whose Fathers are actually employed on board any of tier Majesty's Ships, and whose Mothers have died.

7th -Those whose Fathers are actually serving on board any of Her Majesty's Ships, and whose Families are numerous and in need.

Cases not exactly provided for in the above Scale will be admitted at the discretion of the Governor or those he may depute to investigate these claims, having reference to the Services and state of Distress of the Parents of the Applicant.

Any Boy of this School may be removed to the Upper School, if not exceeding Twelve Years of Age, on obtaining a Presentation to the said School, and producing a Certificate of Character and Abilities from the Master of the Lower School,

In all Cases the following Certificates must be produced, viz.

A Certificate that the Child is an Object of Charity ( for which see p. 167).

A Certificate of the Marriage of the Parents if not attainable, other satisfactory proof thereof.

A Certificate of the Father's Servitude at Sea, which will be obtained by the Institution, as soon as the form is returned.

A Register of Baptism.

If the date of birth is not officially stated in the Register of Baptism, a declaration of the day of birth before a Magistrate must be produced.


The Columns below must be property filled up according to the circumstances of the case, and also the Certificate and Engagement at the foot thereof. When this Form and the other Documents are returned due notice will be given, without further application, if the Child is ordered for admission.

Any attempt to impose on the Institution - by false Information or Documents - by altering dates in Certificates - or the fraudulent substitution of one Child in place of another - will entirely vitiate the Claim, and subject the parties to a prosecution.

Return this and the other Documents to the Clerk of the Cheque under the accompanying Cover.

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