Table of Half Pay - Officers

At present established for the NAVY and MARINES  

      s   d 
Admiral of the Fleet 3 3 0
Admirals 2 2 0
Vice Admirals 1 12 6
Rear Admirals 1 5 0
To each of the first 100 as they stand on the general List of Officers in Seniority 0 14 6
To each of the next 150 0 12 8
To the rest 0 10 6
To each of the first 150 on the List 0 10 0
To the remainder 0 8 6
To each of the first 300 on the List 0 7 0
To each of the next 700 0 6 0
To the remainder 0 5 0

All Lieutenants promoted to that rank after 1 July, 1840. to receive Four shillings a day to be increased to Five shillings a day alter three years' service as Lieutenants in Sea-going ships and to advance as at present by Seniority to the rates of Six and Seven shillings a day ; .but may be placed on the Five shillings List, if through illness contracted in the Service, they shall have teen unable to serve three years at Sea in that rank.

ROYAL MARINES.     s   d 
Colonels 0 14 6
Lieutenant Colonels 0 11 0
Majors 0 9 6
Captains 0 7 0
First Lieutenants of 7 Years' standing     0 4 6
The rest 0 4 0
Second Lieutenants 0 3 0

MASTERS.     s   d 
To the first 100 on the List (being qualified for first or second rates) 0 7 0
To the next 200 (being qualified for third or fourth rates) 0 6 0
The remainder having served 5 Years in the Navy, 2 of which as acting or second Master or as Master's Mate or Midshipman 0 5 0

Medical Inspectors of Hospitals and Fleets . 0 15 0
Medical Inspectors of Hospitals and Fleets after 10 Years' Service as such . . 1 1 0
Physicians - After 10 Years' Service 1 1 0
Physicians - After 3 Years 0 15 0
Under that time . 0 10 6
Deputy Medical Inspectors of Hospitals and Fleets from date of promotion, unless entitled to a higher rate by previous Service 0 13 0
If above 30 Years' Service ,. 0 15 0.

SURGEONS.     s   d 


0 5 0
Above Six Years Service o 6 0
Above 10 Years Service 6 7 s
Above 15 Years Service 0 8 0
Above 20 Years Service 0 10 0
Above 25 Years Service (with leave to retire)       0 13 0
Above 30 Years Service (with leave to retire) 0 15 0
Assistant Surgeons 0 2 0
Above Three Years' Service 0 3 0
Above 10 Years' Service 0 4 6
Above 20 Years' Service.. 0 5 0
Dispensers 0 5 0

All Medical Officers below the rank of Deputy Medical Inspector who may hereafter be appointed to Hospitals, and who may be superseded, or retire therefrom, shall, according to their respective ranks, receive the rate of Half Pay to which they may be entitled according to length of Service. all time included.

(Order is Council, June 10, 1843.)
      s   d 
On the Retired List 0 8 6
To each of the first 70 (to be reduced to 50)     0 7 0
To each of the next 100 0 6 0
To the remainder. 0 5 0


After eight Years' Service at Sea, or ten in Harbour 0 5 0
For each Year's longer Service than 8 at Sea or 10 in Harbour, 6d. per diem additional till it reach 0 10 0


After 15 Years' Service one-half of the highest rate of Half Pay of Naval Instructors, in addition to the Half-pay to which they may be entitled as Chaplains.


After their First Entry, 2s. a day; after Three Years' Service on Full Pay, 3s.; after Ten years, 4s. 6d. ; after Twenty Years, 5s. Payable Quarterly.


After 18 Years' actual Service as Secretaries 12s. 0d.


Two Shillings and sixpence a day after three years' actual Sea Service as mates. and when unable to obtain employment in Her Majesty's Service, provided their conduct during service shall have been satisfactory. and provided they do not decline or avoid service when called upon.

The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty are empowered to allow any Mate to retire from the service. with a Pension of Two Shillings and Sixpence a day after Twenty Years' actual Service, during Ten Years of which he must have held the rating of Mate.


Admiralty, 4th January, 1811.

By command of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, notice is hereby given to all Officers of his Majesty's Navy, and of the Royal Marines, whether on full or Half-pay, that, whenever they may have occasion to address Letters to their Lordships' Secretary, they are to specify their addresses, and to note against their signatures the rank which they may hold in the loyal Navy or Marines, respectively ; and, whenever absent on leave, to state the name of the Ship to which they may belong.




Admiralty, 21st February, 1839.

Great delay and inconvenience having been experienced for some time past, in consequence of Officers omitting to affix their Ranks after their Signatures as directed by the Memorandum dated 4th January, 1811; The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty desire the attention of all classes of Officers to the absolute necessity of conforming to this regulation, as Lordships have no other means of ascertaining with accuracy who the writer of any communication to them may be. and the public business is consequently materially impeded.

By command of their Lordships,

C. Wood


Required from Officers of the Royal Navy and Marines claiming Half-pay and Retired-pay personally or by Agent.

Christian Names to be inserted in full at the commencement, but the Signature to be in the Officer's usual manner.

" I_________________, do solemnly and sincerely declare that I am entitled to ____________ Pay as a _______in the Royal _____________ that I am not in Holy Orders, and that I had not, from the _______day of _____, 18___ , to the _______ day of __________ 18___, any other Place or Employment of Profit, Civil or Military, in any Department of Her Majesty's Service, nor in the Colonies or Possessions of Her Majesty beyond the Seas, nor under any other Government; except _________________ and I make this solemn Declaration, conscientiously believing the same to be true.

Declared and subscribed before me ___________, this _____________ Day of _______ 183___

The Magistrate or Resident Minister of the Established Church to sign here, and state the Place for which he acts.

Magistrate for _____________Minister of___________

In the County of _____________

The Claimant to sign}

here. } ______________________

Residing at ______________ near the Post Town of ______ in the County of ___________

An Officer holding any other Place, or Employment of Profit Civil or Military, is to insert the Office he holds, with the Net Annual Salary, and the Emoluments thereof, and the Authority under which he is allowed to receive his Half-pay.

By Order in Council of the 20th November, 1824, the Address in full of the Officer is to be inserted. No Alteration, Erasure, or Interlineation will be admitted, nor are Declarations to be made before a Master or Masters Extraordinary in Chancery.



Admiralty, 30th September, 1835.

In pursuance of His Majesty's order in council, Notice is hereby given, that all Officers of the Royal Navy receiving Half-Pay, are required to annex to the signature of their names, on the Quarterly Half-pay Declaration; the Place of their residence at the date of each Declaration.



Admiralty, 30th September, 1835.

By Order of the Admiralty, after a reasonable able lapse of time for the promulgations of the above Notice, no Declaration is to be received which shall not have the Officer's Residence stated thereon, as above directed.

These Declarations for Half-Pay can only be made before the undermentioned Officers named in the Act of 1st George I. cap. 25, sec. 9 and 10.

One of the Commissioners or Secretaries of the Admiralty,

Superintendents of the Dockyards, Victualling and Medical Establishments, or

A Justice of the Peace or Magistrate; and by the Act 6 and 7 William IV. cap. 98, sec. 27, it is further enacted, " That every such Declaration shall and may be made and subscribed before any one or more of His Majesty's Justices of the peace, or before the resident Minister of the Established Church, in any Parish in England, Scotland, or Ireland, or before any of the Persons appointed to examine Vouchers in the Office of the Paymaster General."

Officers residing abroad must make their Declarations before one of his Majesty's Ministers; Secretary of Embassy or Legation, or Consul; or where there shall be no such Minister, &c., before some Magistrate, or other Person competent to attest Declarations in such Places ; and the Address must be given at the foot of tire Signature to the Declaration.

N.B. Declaration taken before Masters Extraordinary in Chancery cannot be admitted and the Officers should be careful, that any Justice of the Peace or Magistrate of a Town or Corporation, attesting the Declaration, should sign himself as such. CHARLES WOOD.


Admiralty, 30th September, 1835.

To avoid the inconvenience and delay which have sometimes occurred in the payment of Naval Half-pay by the irregular transmission of Declarations ; the Commissioned and Warrant Officers of his Majesty's Navy, residing within the United Kingdom, and receiving their Half-pay through Agents, are hereby desired to transmit their Declarations to such Agents within Ten Days at most after the expiration of each Quarter, so as to enable the Agent to receive the amount due on the Days regularly appointed for the Payment of the respective Ranks.



Admiralty, 15th November, 1833.


The Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of tire Admiralty hereby give notice, that in future the rotation in which Half-Pay will be paid to Officers will be as follows:

1st Class.- Paymasters and Pursers - Masters - Surgeons.

2d Class.- Lieutenants and Chaplains.

3d Class.- Admirals - Captains - Commanders.

It will therefore be necessary, in order to prevent delay and inconvenience to the Officers themselves, that their declarations should be delivered into the Paymaster-General's Office, or to their respective Agents, as soon as possible after the last day of every quarter.

It sometimes happens that Officers apply personally for their Half-pay, without having previously sent in their declarations as required by the ii usual advertisement; any delay or inconvenience to which they might be subject by this oversight, it is in the power of tire Officers themselves to prevent, by an adherence to the existing regulations.

By command of their Lordships,




Admiralty, Feb. 10th, 1841.

My Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty are pleased to direct that no Mate shall be allowed Half-Pay without having been previously surveyed and reported unfit by the Inspector General, or the Officers of one of the Naval Hospitals at home. The Medical Officers are therefore to report particularly in each case the probable period at which the Invalid may be again fit for employment ; and at the expiration of such period the Mate is to report himself to their Lordships, in order that, if he should state himself to be still unable to serve, proper measures may be taken to ascertain his continued unfitness; after which, should he be declared fit for employment and still withhold his services, his Half-Pay is to be respited.

Mates who may apply for the retiring pension of two shillings and sixpence a day after twenty years' actual service, will not be re-admitted after having accepted such Pension.

By Command of their Lordships,

R. More O'Farrell

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