Regulations for the Qualification of Naval Instructors, Established by Orders in Council of the 22nd Dec., 1836, 16 Aug, 1840, and 11 March, 1842

Admiralty, 10th Sept., 1843.

Naval Instructors and Schoolmasters are hereafter to be designated "Naval Instructors and Chaplains on being appointed to act as Naval Instructors are to he designated "Chaplains and Naval Instructors"

No person will be considered eligible for a Warrant as Naval Instructor who is under 20 years of age or more than 35.

Before any person can hereafter be received on board Her Majesty's ship " Excellent " as a candidate for an appointment as Naval Instructor, he will be required to produce a certificate of his age and testimonials ot good character ; and both laymen and clergymen when appointed to act as Naval Instructors must pass an examination as to their qualifications to instruct the young Officers in the following branches :

1st. Common Arithmetic, including Vulgar and Decimal Fractions.

2nd. The first six and the eleventh books of Euclid.

3rd. Algebra, progressing to the highest order of Equations, and its application to the solution of Geometrical Problems.

4th. Plane and Spherical Trigonometry, theoretical and practical.

5th. Nautical Astronomy, particularly the Principles on which the various rules for finding the latitude and longitude are founded.

6th. Mechanics.

7th. Hydrostatics.

8th. A competent knowledge of the Classics.

The final examination of Candidates for Naval instructorships will comprise :

1st. The usual College passing examination in Navigation.

2nd. The application of the theory of Projectiles to Gunnery.

3rd. Observations with the Sextant. &c. The use of the Azimuth Compass and Chronometers, &c. Perfect proficiency will be expected in observing: 250 numbers will be required to pass a Candidate in the College Paper, and 55 is to be the minimum number for observations.

Although the knowledge of French, as well as of other modern languages, and of the principles of drawing, is not considered as indispensable, it is very desirable that Naval Instructors should be able to give instruction in these branches of education; and preference will always be given to such as possess these attainments.

No Naval Instructor who shall retire from his employment without the approbation of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, or who shall refuse or avoid service if found capable of serving shall be allowed to receive Half-pay ; and his name in such case will be removed from the List of Naval Instructors.

The Naval Instructor is to be considered in all respects a Ward Room Warrant Officer, .Unless they be in Holy orders, they are to wear the same uniform as Masters, but without epaulettes or gold lace, on the trowsers (sic).

By Command of their Lordships,

Sidney Herbert



Admiralty, June 7th, 1839.

All Candidates for Naval lnstructorships who may he sent to the Excellent, are to examined (previous to commencing the course of instruction) touching their Mathematical attainments, which it will be expected should be sufficient to admit of their proceeding at once to the study of Nautical Astronomy

C. Wood.

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