Acting Masters' Assistants


Admiralty, 1st January, 1841.

The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, having had under their consideration the Regulations for the appointment of Acting Masters' Assistants, both as regards the required period of their servitude in the Royal Navy, or Merchant Service, and their general attainment, in Seamanship and Navigation, are pleased to direct, with reference to the 27th Art. Cap. 3, of the Regulations for Her Majesty's Service, at Sea, that the qualifications for the appointments of Acting Masters' Assistants to the Royal Navy shall in future be as follows:

He shall have been at sea either in His Majesty's Navy three complete years, or in the Merchant Service four years, (one of which as Mate or Inferior Mate) ; or for combined periods of two years in the Royal Navy, and two in the Merchant Service; or one year in the Royal Navy, and three in the Merchant Service, and shall be full 16 years of age.

He will be required to have a thorough knowledge of Practical Observations of the Sun, Moon, and Stars, for ascertaining the Latitude ; to work double Altitudes ; the Longitude by Chronometer; and to keep a Ship's reckoning by the common Rules, usually denominated a day's-work. He will also be required to produce Certificates of Servitude and Regularity of Conduct.

Candidates for the appointment of Acting Masters' Assistant are to be strictly and carefully examined in the presence of the Captain, or Commander, by a Master and Naval Instructor, and, when there shall not be an Officer of the latter Class, by two Masters, touching their abilities in Seamanship, Navigation, &c. The Certificates of Qualifications :are to be signed by the Captain, or Commander, as well as by the examining Officers ; and all Candidates who shall be found qualified, agreeably to the before-mentioned provisions, will be considered eligible to be appointed by their Lordships as Acting Masters' Assistants in Her Majesty's Navy accordingly.

By Command of their Lordships,

R. More O'Farrell

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