Admiralty, 16th Dec. 1839.

My Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty are pleased to direct that in future the names of all Mates who shall remain out of the Service for more than one year, without applying for an Appointment, shall be removed from the official Register of Mates and Midshipmen, and they shall be considered as having relinquished the Naval Service ; unless my Lords shall be satisfied that the omission proceeded from unavoidable causes.



Respecting the Rank and Appointment of Mates, as established by Her Majesty's Order to Council, of the 10th August, 1840.

Admiralty, 12th August, 1840.

All Midshipmen who shall have passed such Examination respecting their Qualifications for the appointment of Lieutenant as the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty may from time to time direct. (if abroad, for Seamanship and Navigation, and if at home also at the Royal Naval College), shall be considered eligible to have Warrants or Commissions as Mates in whatever Ship they may be serving ; such Warrant or Commission will be given by the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, upon the recommendation of the Commanding Officer of the Ship in which the person may be serving, transmitted by the Commander-in-Chief or Senior Officer on the Station.

During their first three years of actual service as Mates in the Royal Navy they will take Rank with Ensigns in the Army. and after three years' service with Lieutenants in the Army, according to their seniority as Mates to be computed from the dates of their original Warrants from their respective Captains, under the former regulations in respect to Mates.

Commanders-in-Chief on Foreign Stations may give Acting Warrants as Mates to such Midshipmen as may pass abroad for Seamanship and Navigation, which Warrants will be confirmed from their original dates if approved by their Lordships, provided they pass their examination at the Royal Naval College in two months after their arrival in England ; but no person appointed to act as Mate or as Lieutenant is to be sent home from a Foreign Station for the purpose of passing such examination.


Admiralty, 17th Dec. 1841.

The Mates of the Royal Navy taking rank on the Navy List according to their first Warrants as such:-

The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty are pleased to direct, that in cases of a Midshipman having completed the required time to entitle him to pass for a Lieutenancy, when the Ship to which he belong shall happen to be detached so as to prevent his obtaining at the moment an examination according to the established Regulations, the Captain or Commander of the said Ship or Vessel in which such Midshipman may be serving, with the Senior Lieutenant or Second Officer, and the Master or Second Master (according to the Class of Ship and the Rank of Officers on board of her,) assisted by the Naval Instructor, if there be one on board, may proceed to examine such Midshipman as to his qualifications to perform the duties of a Lieutenant of Her Majesty's Navy, and if they find him to be in their opinions duly qualified, they are to give him a Certificate to that effect, dated on the day of such examination, and the Captain may forthwith give him an acting order as Mate, and if on the first opportunity that shall afterwards offer for his being re-examined according to the established Regulations. he passes successfully, his rank as Mate shall he enrolled according to the date of his first provisional Certificate above ordered.

By Command of their Lordships,

Sidney Herbert.



Admiralty, 5th June, 1841.

The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, having observed that Mates, when promoted to the rank of Lieutenants, continue to negotiate the Tickets for their services as Mates, in the same manner as when they were Petty Officers, under the 13th clause Act 11 Geo. IV. Cap. 20, although that clause sanctions the negociation (sic) of the Tickets of Petty Officers and Seamen only, are pleased to direct, that as Mates are now Warrant Officers under the authority of Her Majesty's Order in Council of the 10th of August last, they shall discontinue the practice of negotiating their Tickets on being promoted.

By Command of their Lordships,

John Barrow

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