Turkish Medals


26th March. 1842.

NOTICE is hereby given, That Turkish Medals for the Officers and Men employed during the Campaign in Syria belonging to the undermentioned Ships, have been received at this Office, Viz.


Dido. Implacable. Rodney.
Bellerophon. Edinburgh. Magicienne. Stromboli, Steam Vessel.
Benbow. Ganges. Medea, Steam Vessel. Talbot.
Cambridge. Gorgon, Steam Vessel. Phoenix, Steam Vessel. Thunderer.
Carysfort. Hastings. Pique. Vanguard.
Castor. Hazard. Powerful. Vesuvius, Steam Vessel.
Cyclops, Steam Vessel. Hecate, Steam Vessel. Princess Charlotte. Wasp.
Daphne. Hydra, Steam Vessel. Revenge. Zebra.

GOLD MEDALS.- For Officers ranking with Field Officers.

SILVER MEDALS.- For Quarter-Deck and Warrant Officers.

COPPER MEDALS.-For Working Petty Officers, Seamen, Marines and Boys.

Of which the Gold Medals will be delivered on application at this Office, and the Silver and Copper Medals on application at the Office of the Accountant-General of the Navy, Somerset House; and the parties applying for them are to produce their respective Certificates.

By command of their Lordships


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