Issue of Religious Books to The Fleet

Admiralty, 23rd May, 1827.

His Royal Highness the Lord High Admiral having appointed the Senior Chaplain of Greenwich Hospital, to superintend the issue of religious books to the fleet, and to correspond with the several Chaplains of His Majesty's ships on the subject of their clerical duties, it is His Royal Highness's direction to the Captains and Commanding Officers of His Majesty's Ships, that they do not suffer any tracts or religious books to be received on board the Ships of the fleet, except such as shall have been approved and pointed out by the Senior Chaplain of Greenwich Hospital ; and that they order their respective Chaplains to correspond with the Senior Chaplain of Greenwich Hospital on all matters relating to the religious instruction given by them to the Ships' Companies and generally regarding their sacred duties.

By Command of His Royal Highness,

J. W. Croker

To the respective Flag Officers, Captains, Commanders, Commanding Officers, and Chaplains, of His Majesty's Ships and Vessels

P.S. All such Letters are to be addressed to me, " On His Majesty's Service," with the word "Chaplain" written in the left corner.

N.B. The Rev. J. K. Goldney has been selected to perform the above-mentioned duty.

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