The Navy List July 1885


Admiralty, 5th May 1870.
Regulations Respecting Medals Granted for Acts of Bravery in Saving Life.
The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty having sanctioned Medals granted for acts of bravery in saving life being worn by officers and men of the Royal Navy in Uniform, subject to their Lordships' approval ; the decoration, together with a statement of the act of bravery performed, should be sent to the Secretary of the Admiralty, in order that the recipient's name may be registered, and the necessary authority issued, should their Lordships think proper, for the distinction to be worn.
By Command of their Lordships,
Vernon Lushington

Circular No. 11.-C.
Admiralty, 19th March 1880.
Humane Society's Medals.
The Royal Humane Society having made arrangements for reducing the size of their Medals in future, in order to admit of their being worn, and for granting Clasps and Bars for subsequent acts of bravery, in cases where a medal has been already granted, my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty are hereby pleased to notify to the Officers and Men of Her Majesty's Navy and Marines their permission to Officers and Men to wear such Medals and Clasps when awarded by the Humane Society.
By Command of their Lordships,
W. G. Romaine.
To all Commanders-in-chief, &c.

Medals and Clasps of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

List of Officers and Men in H.M. Coast Guard Service who have received Medals or Clasps from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution during the past Year.

Name. Rank at the Time. Silver Medal. Second Service Clasp.
Arnold, W. H. Chief Boatman 1 -
Norsworthy William Chief Officer - 1
Prior, George. Chief Officer 1 -
Scanlan, 'Maurice Chief Boatman 1 -
Webb, William Chief Boatman 1 -

List of Officers and Men of the Royal Navy and Coast Guard who have received Medals from the Board of Trade during the Year 1884 for Gallantry displayed in Saving Life at Sea.

Name. Rank at the Time. Date of the Vote. Silver Medal. Bronze Medal.
Peter Gibbons Boatman, Coast Guard Jan. 1884 .. 1

Royal Humane Society Medals.

List of Officers and Men of the Royal Navy who have received the Stanhope Gold Medal.

  Awarded for the year
Lieut. F. H. Rogers 1875
Act. Sub-Lieut. R. A. Montgomerie 1877
Lieut. Lewis E. Wintz 1878
Captain Hon. Edmund R. Fremantle, C.B., C.M.G., A.D.C. 1880
William Simpson, A.B. 1883

List of Officers and Men of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines who have received Medals from the Royal Humane Society during the past year.

Name. Rank at the Time. Date of the Vote. Silver Medal. Bronze Medal.
Basset, Walter B. Lieutenant 1885 .. 1
Bell, Thomas W . Quartermaster 1884 1 ..
Bell, William . Quartermaster 1884 .. 1
Bolt, John Boatman 1884 . Clasp.
Bradford, Barton R Commander 1884 .. 1
Brown, H.E. A.B. 1884 .. 1
Casement, John Lieutenant 1884 .. 1
Christmas, Charles H. A.B. 1884 .. 1
Cleaver, Thomas A .B. 1885 .. I
Clegg, William Ordinary Seaman 1884 .. 1
Cooke, William Stoker 1884 .. 1
Cooke, William C A.B. 1884 .. 1
Crocker, Charles Boatswain's Mate 1884 .. 1
Dawe, William Stoker 1884 .. 1
Eeles, Charles G.S. Lieutenant 1885 .. 1
Fisher, William B. Lieutenant 1885 .. 1
Gibbons, Peter Boatman, Coast Guard 1884 .. 1
Giddings, Albert 2nd Captain, Quarter Beck 1885 .. 1
Grimston, Hon. William Lieutenant 1884 1 ..
Hammet, James L. Commander 1885 . Clasp
Hicks, James Quartermaster 1884 .. 1
Howard, H.J. A.B. 1884 .. 1
Jermyn, John Ship's Corporal 1884 .. Clasp
Langton, George A.B. 1884 .. Clasp
Mills, Albert A.B. A.B. 1885 .. 1
Neville, Charles W. Boatswain's Mate 1884 .. 1
Prendergast, John Captain Fore Top 1884 .. 1
Prescott, John A.B. 1884 .. 1
Rice, Charles Boatman 1884 .. 1
Roberts, Robert E. Private R.M.L.I. 1884   1
Sanders, Joseph Leading Seaman 1885 .. 1
Sandilands, Hon. Francis R. Commander 1886 .. 1
Smith, Michael Ordinary Seaman 1886 1 ..
Startin, James Lieutenant 1884 1 ..
Tipping, Ernest Boatman 1884 .. 1

Royal United Service Institution.

Prize Essay Gold Medallists.- Naval.

  • 1876.- Commander Gerard H. U. Noel, R.N.
  • 1878.- Captain P. H. Colomb, R.N.
  • 1880.- Captain the Hon. Edmund R. Fremantle, C.B., C.M.G., A.D.C., R.N.
  • 1882.- Captain Lindesay Brine, R.N.
  • 1884.- Captain Charles Johnstone, R.N.

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