The Navy List July 1885

Alterations in Queen's Regulations, Addenda, &c.

A Chronological List of all Fleet Circulars, &c. in force, which have been issued since the 30th June 1884, and affect, as shown, article's in the Queen's Regulations and Admiralty Instructions, the Addenda thereto (corrected to 30th June 1884), or previous Fleet Circular.

Date, Number, and Initial Letter. Subject. Articles in Regulations or Addenda or previous Circulars affected thereby.
11 July 1884, No. 20.-G. Examination of Naval and War Department torpedo and electrical stores at home and abroad. Cancels Fleet Circular No. 59.-S., dated 4 September 1879.
17 July 1884, No. 21.-N. Issuing prices of marine clothing, appointments, &c. Cancels Fleet Circular of 12 July 1885, No. 24.-N.
12 August 1884, No. 22.- N. Seaman's white cap cover. Page 687, Appendix VIII. of Regulations ; adds to and amends.
29 August 1884, No. 23.-G. Demands for War Office stores for "particular service." Amends Article 1,798 of the Queen's Regulations.
3 September 1884, No. 24.-G. Care of armourer's tools and small arms. Amends Articles 857 and 868 of the Queen's Regulations.
9 September 1884, No. 25.- L. Leave books, victualling and check books, and leave tickets. Articles 733, 748, 1,035, 1,108, and 1,597. New Articles 1,597a and 1,713a added.
9 September 1884, No. 26.-A. G. Postal Orders for issue to the crews of H.M. ships may be obtained on application to the Accountant. General. Rules as to the purchase of postage stamps. Regulations. page 502, Art. 1551, cancelled. New paragraphs Nos. 1 to 12 substituted.
23 September 1884, No. 27.--G. Examination of torpedo and electrical fittings of ships paying-off abroad. Adds new Article, 1,902a, to the Queen's Regulations.
9 October 1884, No. 29.-L. Naval Discipline Act, and summary punishments. Articles 609, 677, 678, 679, 680, 688, 695, 696, 700, 702, 703, 708, 718, 719, 1,091,1,066, 2,010, and 2,014 of the Regulation, also Art. 29 of the Addenda (1880).
24 October 1884, No. 31.-1.a. Regulations for preventing collisions at sea. Art. 1,001 of the Regulations.
24 October 1884, No. 32.-N. B. Precautions against fire on board H.M. ships. Queen's Regulations page 792a, Appendix XLII.
1 November 1884, No. 33.-L. Ships' logs Arts. 992, 1866, Appendix XI., XXXVIL, of the Regulations.
1 November 1884, No. 34.-A.G. Disposal of crews of ships paid-off abroad. Page 483, heading to section XIII., page 484, Art. 1,522.
21 November 1884,
No. 36.-L.
Award of Character, &c. Regulations.
Conduct Book Articles 721, 1,454, and 1,455.
Conduct Sheet Articles 722 and 1,106.
Parchment Certificates Articles 723 and 1,125
Good Conduct Medals and Gratuities. , New Articles 676a and 1,137a added.
Good Conduct Badges Articles 667, 668, 698, 1,127 to 1,131, inclusive, and 1,133 to 1,136, inclusive.
Classification for Conduct Articles 699, and 1,143 to 1146, inclusive.
Court Martial Articles 582, 607, 702, 704, and 707.
Ship's Ledger Article 1,492.
28 November 1854,
No. 37.- G.
Allowances for collecting empty machine-gun and small-arm cartridge cases. Amends Article 1,357.
9 December 1584, No. 39; N. Foreign Languages Article 291.
Article 291, paragraph 2, cancelled, and new paragraph substituted.
Article 293 (as amended by Circular No. l-N. of 1st Feb. 1884) of the Regulations.
9 December 1884, No. 40.-N.S. Naval Stores for Ships recommissioned abroad. Queen's Regulations, page 560. (New Article 1,768a.)
24 December 1884, No. 41.-N. Continuous Service Engagements and Service for Pension. Article 341. Amended Article 352, clause 3 Cancelled, and clause substituted Article 354 clause 2 Cancelled, and clause substituted Article 362, clause 1 Amended. Article 547 (as amended by Fleet Circular No. 73 of 5 May 1881.) New paragraph added.
  Extra pay on re-engagement Men and boys entered after 1st January 1885. Article 1,301 Cancelled, and new article substituted. Article 1,539. Clause added, 2a. Article 1,540. Clause added, 1a. Article 2,089, clause III. d. line 3 Appendix XXI., pages 734 to 740, column 3.
31 December 1884, No. 42.-A.G. Stores issued for repair, &c. Page 569, Art. 1,803, Queen's Regulations.
January 1885, No. 1.-L. Corrections in Fleet Circular, No. 36 L. of 1884. Articles 676a, 1,130, 1,137a, 1,143, and 1,146 of the Regulations.
8 January 1885, Fleet Circular, No. 2.-N.S. Precautions against fire on board H.M.'s ships.' Queen's Regulations, page 792a, Appendix XLII.
22 January 1885, No. 3.-L. Ships' logs. Article 1,866 of the Regulations.
4 February 1885, Fleet Circular, No. 4.--A.G. On and after 1 April 1885 the sums due for unpaid postage are to be taken on charge by the Paymasters of H.M.'s ships, in order that the amount maybe paid over to the Post Office. Addition made to Art. 527, page 175 of the Regulations. New clause, No. 5, added.
4 February 1885, No. 5.-N. Sick berth staff Queen's Regulations, Articles 330, 341, 349, 353, 1,498, 1,910, 2,006, 2,015, Appendix VI., pages 680 to 684, Appendices XI., XXI., and XXII. Uniform Regulations.
4 February 1885, No. 6.-L. Lights to be carried by trawlers to prevent collisions at sea. Article 1,001 of the Regulations.
4 February 1885, No. 7.-V. Amended Scale of Medical Comforts. -Fluid beef substituted for half the allowance of extractum carnis. Part I., Table N., page 759 of the Queen's Regulations.
17 February 1885, No. 8.-G. Bright polishing of guns, sights, and gun mountings. Amends Articles 808 I, 811, and 828 of the Queen's Regulations.
No circular issued. Secretary's letter, dated 26 February 1885, sent to the Commanders-in-Chief at Portsmouth, Devonport, and Sheerness, the only places affected by the change. Allowance in lieu of Provisions to the Working Pensioners of the Reserves.-To be paid on and after the 1st April 1885,1s. 1d. a day in lieu of provisions, &c., instead. of 7s. 6d. a week. Page 719 of the Relations, Appendix XVIII., Table F., the words "7s. 6d. a week " will be cancelled, and "1s. 1d, a day" substituted.
27 February 1885, No. 9.-L. Filling up new form of parchment certificate. None.
3 March 1885, No. l0.-L. Assessment of Characters of Marines on discharge, and cutting off corners of Parchment Certificates. Articles 723 (as amended by Fleet Circular No. 36 of 1885), 1,155, 1,156, and 1,158.
19 March 1885, No. 11.-N. Examination in Pilotage for rank of Lieutenant. Queen's Regulations, Article 292a, clauses 3 and 5.
24 March 1885, No. 12.- G. War Department Stores for Ships recommissioned abroad. Page 560, Article 1,768 of the Queen's Regulations, 1879.
16 April 1885, No. 13.-N, Rating of Chief Stoker Queen's Regulations, Article 341, Appendices VI., VIII., and XXI.
16 April 1885, No. 14.-A.G. Clothing for Boys in Training Ships Fleet Circular No. 6.-A.G., of the 27th February 1883.
16 April 1885, No. 16.--N.S. Precautions against fire on board Her Majesty's ships. Regulations, addition to Appendix XLII., page 792a.
16 April 1885, No. 17.-G. Magazine men.--Exercise at Stations Page 2'74, Article 801, of the Queen's Regulations, 1879.
16 April 1885, No. 18.- L. Special restoration to first class for conduct. Articles 699 and 1,144 (as amended by Fleet Circular No. 36).
16 April 1885, No. 19.-L Courts-Martial.-Sentences of imprisonment. Article 609 of the Regulations (as amended by Fleet Circular No. 29 of 1885) cancelled, and new Article substituted. Article 609 in Admiralty Memorandum on Court-Martial Procedure, of 21 Jan. 1,885, cancelled, and new Article substituted. Form of Imprisonment Warrant cancelled, new Form substituted. Art. 594.
16 April 1885, No. 20.-A.G. Prices of Seamen's Clothing, &c. Fleet Circular No. 3.-A.G., of the 18th February 1882.
23 April 1885, No. 21---A.G. Victualling Books and Accounts Articles 700,1,476,1,596,1,597,1,597a, 1,632, 1,648, 1,669, 1,713, 1,713a, 1,714,1,715,1,716,1,717,1,718,1,719, 1,720, 1,721, 1,722, 1,840, 1,846, of the Regulations. New Articles 1,714a and 1,716a added. Articles 114,125, 126, and 129, of the Training Ship Regulations. Table on page 126 of Training Ship Regulations corrected.
30 April 1885, No. 22.-N. Captains of Guns Queen's Regulations, Articles 341, 775, Appendix XXII.
30 April 1885, No. 23.-N.S. Receipt of Coal Regulations, addition to page 293, Article 888, add new clause 3.
19 May 1885, No. 24.-A.G. Allowances to Senior Lieutenants, Gunnery and Torpedo Officers, &c. when detached from their ships on duty; and Extra Pay for the performance of the special duties of the absent officer. Article 1,367 as amended by the Addenda, 1884.
19 May 1885, No. 25.-A.G. Extra Pay New clause added to Article 1,386 of the Queen's Regulations.
19 May 1885, No. 26.--N.S. Stores landed for repair Regulations, alteration to page 569, Article 1,803, clause 4, cancel and substitute.
21 May 1885, No. 27.-A. G. Stewards' Fees Article 1,394 of the Queen's Regulations cancelled and a fresh one substituted.
21 May 1885, No. 28.-L. Custom House Officers and Customs Duties. Article 552, cancelled, new Article substituted.
21 May 1885, No. 29.-N.S. Precautions against fire on board Her Majesty's ships. Regulations, alteration to Appendix XLII., page 792b.
21 May 1885, No. 30.-N.S. Requisitions for Survey on Stores Regulations, alterations to pages 578 and 579, Article 1,838. Cancel clause 3, and substitute.
4 June 1885, No. 31.-A.G. Prices for Geneva Cross Badges and Wrappers. Amends Fleet Circular of 16th April 1885, No. 20.-A.G., as to ,price of Wrappers.
4 June 1885, No. 33.- N.S. Painting of ships on China, East Indies, and West Coast of Africa Stations. Regulations, alteration to page 390, Article 1,216. Cancel as amended by the Addenda, 1884, and substitute.
.4 June 1885, No. 34.-G. Removal of powder from ships going alongside a dockyard wharf, or into a basin or dock. Page 278, Articles 818 and 820 of Queen's Regulations, 1879.
17 June 1885, No. 37.--A.G. Command Money to an Officer while on passage or in temporary command of a ship during the absence of the Commanding Officer. Senior and other Lieutenants' allowances while on passage. Article 1,315 as amended by the Addenda, 1884.

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