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Crossing the Line Ceremony 1919


The Crossing the Line Ceremony for HMS HMS NEW ZEALAND took place on 8 May 1919

Many thanks are due to Bev Edmonds who owns the original program, who took the time and trouble to have it photo-copied and then sent it to me by snail mail to put on-line - hence the photographs aren't quite all we would wish, although hopefully, in due course, we will be able to put this right.

I do hope that this program gives you a little flavour of a unique Naval tradition - and if you should happen to find a relative too then so much the better - enjoy!

Cover Page - Neptune's Crest
Page  1 - A picture of Her Majesty's Battle Cruiser "NEW ZEALAND"
A better picture of HMS NEW ZEALAND entering the harbour at Lyttleton, NZ in 1013.
Page  2 - Announcement of the Crossing the Line Ceremony Text
Page  3 - King Neptune's Greeting to the Admiral Text
Page  4 - Greetings from Amphitrite and Neptune and Captain's response Text
Page  5 - The Bears Pay a Visit Text
Page  6 - Clear Lower Deck and Procession Text
Page  7 - Arrival of King Neptune and his Consort Amphitrite
Page  8 - The Ceremony Commences Text
Page  9 - The Ceremony is performed Text
Page 10 - The Ceremony approaches the end Text
Page 11 - A copy of a Crossing the Line Ceremony Certificate Graphic 96 Kb
Page 12 - Honoured guests are annointed Text
Page 12 - Officiating Officers Text
Page 13 - Thanks - Appendix A - Procedure to be followed Text
Page 14 - Names of Admiral's Staff and Ship's Officers Text
Page 15 - Names of the Ship's Company - about 1,000 names including officers Text

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