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10 Aug 1801 this day presented a most beautiful scene from the Hoe, 200 sail laying too, becalmed from horizon to horizon, of East and West Indiamen, under convoy of the Theseus, of 74 gun, Santa Margarita, of 36 guns, and two other frigates ; at 10 A. M. a fine breeze at E.N.E. sprung up, and the whole fleet by noon were clear of the Dodman Point. Per the Naval Chronicle, Vol 6, for Plymouth.

Pre-Napoleonic Wars
A Look at Health in the RN Royal Naval vessels 1793-1900
Naval History during the Napoleonic Wars and afterwards (1793-1827)

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Cape & Brazil Station Instructions 1840 Flogging
Slave Trade Prize Money
Rates/Scales of Pay

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Index to Extracts from Various Navy Lists 1844-1879 detailing the officers mentioned

Admiralty Memoranda etc. from the newspapers for 1840s :

Packet Service
The Navy List 1844 - Items as dated
Officers appointed for/to - 1844:

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Executive Officers

Subordinate Officers - Pensions for Loss of Limbs payable whilst serving

Officers Discipline

RN Officers qualified as Merchant Service Masters
Admiralty Mail Agents Agents for Transports Naval Knights of Windsor Masters, Second Masters, and Masters' Assistants &c.

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Navigation Officers
Pursers, Paymasters and Clerks &c.

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1845-1854 - Paymaster Frederic Lucas RN Naval Instructors Chaplains

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Engineering Branch - 19th Century - Engineering and the Engineering Branch. Admiralty Circulars and Memoranda &c.

Machinery etc.


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Admiralty Circulars and Memoranda etc. and extracts from the Navy Lists &c. published during the 1850s.
Occasional Dockyard Memoranda
1840s-> : Conditions of Service and Pay ; Administration etc. for Officers and Ratings ; Punishments. Officers - Regulation and Cost of Messing &c.
Coast Blockade Coast Guard