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Naval History of Great Britain - Vol I


British and French Fleets





Vice-adm. (b.) Philip Cosby,
Captain Sir Thomas Byard.


Rear-adm. (r.) Charles Goodall.
Captain John Child Purvis,

St. George

Rear-adm. (b.) John Gell.
Captain Thomas Foley.


Alcide Captain Robert Linzee.
Terrible Captain Skeffington Lutwidge.
Egmont Captain Archibald Dickson.
Robust Captain Hon Geo. Keith Elphinstone
Courageux Captain Hon. William Waldegrave.
Bedford Captain Robert Mann.
Berwick Captain Sir John Colliins
Captain Captain Samuel Reeve.
Fortitude Captain William Young.
Leviathan Captain Hon. Hugh Seymour Conway.
Colossus Captain Charles Morice Pole.
Illustrious Captain Thomas Lennox Frederick.


Agamemnon Captain Horatio Nelson.
Ardent Captain Robert Manners Sutton.
Diadem Captain Andrew Sutherland.
Intrepid * Captain Hon. Charles Carpenter.

The French had in Toulon ready for sea, exclusive of several frigates and corvettes, the following 17 sail of the line

Gun-ship. Gun-ship.
120 Commerce-de-Marseille.


80 Tonnant. Heureux.


Apollon. † Lys.
Centaure. Orion. †
Commerce-de-Bordeaux. Patriote. †
Destin. Pompee.
Duguay-Trouin. † Scipion
Entreprenant. † Themistocle. †
Généreux. †    

There were also four sail of the line, Dauphin-Royal, 120, Triumphant 80, and Puissant and Suffisant 74s, refitting ; nine repairing, or in want of repair, namely, Couronne and Languedoc 80s, and Alcide, Censeur, Conquérant, Dictateur, Guerrier, Mercure, and Souverain 74s; also one building, but not in a very forward state. ‡ The fleet was commanded by Rear-admiral the Comte de Trogoff; who, even had the forces been more equally matched, was too sound a monarchist to fire a shot in the cause of republicanism. This spirit of disaffection existed, not only to a partial extent in the fleet, but very generally throughout the whole of the southern provinces; and the inhabitants, for their alleged disloyalty, were either feeling, or momentarily dreading, the full weight of republican rage.

* It is doubtful if this ship joined before the latter end of August.

† The seven ships thus marked had, since the commencement of the year, arrived from the Biscayan ports.

‡ The following table has been carefully drawn up, and may be relied upon as the most correct account of the kind that has appeared in print

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