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Naval History of Great Britain - Vol I


No. 16.


See p. 230.

A list of ships and vessels late belonging to the British navy, captured, destroyed, wrecked, foundered, or a accidentally burnt, during the year 1794.

Gun-ship Name Commander. How, when, and where lost.
74   (M)   Impétueux (in ordinary)

Burnt by accident and blown up, Aug 24, in Portsmouth harbour : crew saved.
  74   (O) Alexander R. Rodney Bligh Captured, Nov. 6, by a French squadron of five 74s and three frigates off Sicily.
64 (P) Ardent R. Manners Sutton Burnt by accident and blown up, sometime in April, with all the crew, off Corsica.
  (G) Convert John Lawford Wrecked, March 8, on the Grand Caymanes, West Indies: crew saved.
32 (11) Castor Thos. Troubridge

Captured, May 9, by Admiral Nielly's squadron, off Cape Clear.
28 (1) Rose Matth. Henry Scott Wrecked, June 28, on Rocky-Point, Jamaica: crew saved.
G. p. ship    
18 (K) Amphitrite Anthony Hunt Wrecked, Jan. 30, by striking on a sunken rock in the Mediterranean : crew saved
G. sh. slp.    
24 (R) Moselle H. A. Bennett Captured, January 7, by the French in Toulon, having entered by mistake.
16 (T) Alert Charles Smith Captured, in May, by the French frigate Unité, off the coast of Ireland.
Pylades Thomas Twisden Wrecked, Nov. 26, in Heraldswick bay, isle of Nest, Shetland: crew saved.
(U) Hound R. Piercy Captured, July 24, by the French frigates Seine and Galathée on her passage from the West Indies.
  (V) Espion W. W. Hugh Kittoe Captured, date unknown, by three French frigates.
G. bg. slp.    
16 (a) Scout Charles Robinson Captured, in August, by two French frigates off Bona.
14 (b) Speedy George Eyre Captured, in June, by a French squadron, off Nice.
G. gun. Brig.    
10 ( b) Actif John Harvey Foundered, November 26, off Bermuda : crew saved.
G. cut.      
14 (i) Ranger Issaac Cotgrave Captured, in June, by a French squadron, off Brest.

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