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1812 Light Squadrons and Single Ships 62

little, a landing was made on the island of San-Nicolas, although with some difficulty, by Lieutenant Dowell O'Reilly of the Surveillante; a detachment of marines from that frigate, the Medusa, and Rhin also landed, with a carronade from each ship. Captain Malcolm now took command of the island, and Captain Sir George Collier of the Venerable's battery on the hill. On the 21st, at daybreak, a 24-pounder was brought to the east side of the town within 200 yards of the convent, and another was in the act of being landed on San-Nicolas to bombard it in that direction, when the French commandant beat a parley and surrendered, with the remainder of his troops, amounting to 290.

The squadron afterwards proceeded along the coast to the westward, and destroyed the batteries at Bermeo, Plencia, Algorta, Bagona, el Campillo las Queras, and Xebiles. On the 6th of July the Venerable arrived off Castro ; and on the 7th the French were driven out of the town by the fire of the squadron. On the 8th a party landed and took possession of the castle of Castro. On the 10th the squadron proceeded off Puerta Galletta, to co-operate in an attack upon it with the Spanish troops under General Longa ; but, the enemy being found stronger than the Spaniards had expected, the attack was abandoned. During the morning, Captain Bloye landed with a party of marines, and knocked the trunnions off the guns in the Bagona battery; he also destroyed one gun mounted on a height.

On the 18th, early in the morning, one 24-pounder under Lieutenant Groves, and a howitzer under Lieutenant Thomas Lewis Lawrence, of the marine artillery, were landed from the Venerable near Guetaria, and mounted on a hill to the westward of the town, under the directions of Captain Malcolm ; while Captain Bouverie landed a medium 24-pounder and a 12-pounder carronade from the Medusa, and, after many difficulties, mounted these two guns on the top of a hill to the eastward. At noon the Venerable opened her fire and continued it until sunset ; when the guns of the enemy opposed to those of the Venerable were silenced, and the Medusa's two guns were got in readiness to open the next morning. During the night, however, intelligence was received of the approach of between 2000 and 3000 French troops. In consequence of some delay on the part of the Spaniards, Captain Bouverie had to destroy his two guns : after which he and his party re-embarked. Captain Malcolm met with so much detention, that he was obliged to leave in the hands of the enemy a midshipman and 29 men.

On the 30th of July and on the 1st of August a combined attack was made on the town of Santander and the castle of Ano, by the detachment of marines serving on board the squadron, placed under the orders of Captain Willoughby Thomas Lake, of the 74-gun ship Magnificent, and Captain Sir George Collier, and acting in conjunction with the guerillas under General Porlier. The castle was taken possession of by

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