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1813 Light Squadrons and Single Ships 176

upon Lieutenant Bowen, first, and Mr. Thomas Ullock, purser, of the Apollo, who served on shore ; also, for their gallantry in the frigate's barge, launch, and yawl, midshipmen William Henry Brand, William Hutchinson, and William David Folkes. Colonel Robertson having left a garrison in Augusta, the Apollo and small vessels sailed, on the 1st of February, for the neighbouring island of Curzola ; and, on the same night, 160 soldiers, 70 seamen, and 50 marines, with a howitzer, landed at Port Bufalo, and surprised and carried a hill that commanded the town. Finding that, notwithstanding the British had got their field-guns to this spot and that the advance was already in possession of the suburbs, the enemy appeared determined to hold out, Captain Taylor took off the Apollo's seamen, and on the morning of the 3d attacked and silenced the sea-batteries. This led to an immediate capitulation. The loss to the British on the occasion amounted to two seamen killed and one slightly wounded, and the Apollo had her mainmast badly wounded and her rigging much cut.

On the night of the 11th of April Captain Taylor sent three boats of the Apollo, and two belonging to the 32-gun frigate Cerberus, Captain Thomas Garth, cruising in company, to take temporary possession of the Devil's island near the north entrance of Corfu ; by which the boats captured a brig and trabaccolo going into Corfu with grain. On the 14th the two frigates chased a vessel, which, on its falling calm, escaped into Malero. Perceiving that the five boats were proceeding to attack her, and fearing from the natural strength of the island that they would not succeed, Captain Taylor sent to desire that the boats would wait until the Apollo came up. The message, however, arrived too late, and Lieutenant Edward Hollingsworth Delafosse, first of the Cerberus, and Mr. Ullock, purser, of the Apollo, were wounded. On the arrival of the Apollo, Captain Taylor landed the marines ; who, after some skirmishing, captured the island, and found eight vessels laden with grain, but scuttled.

On the 29th of April, at daylight, observing a felucca run into St.-Cataldo and disembark troops, Captain Taylor landed 30 marines under Lieutenants John Tothill and Colin Campbell, who, by a steady charge, dislodged them from a strong position, made 26 prisoners, and killed one and wounded several. The boats in the mean time brought out the vessel, and the whole service was executed without loss.

On the 17th of May, while cruising off Otranto the Cerberus discovered an enemy's vessel close to the land a little to the southward of Brindisi ; and which, upon being chased, ran herself on shore under a martello tower. Captain Garth immediately despatched three boats belonging to the Cerberus, under Lieutenant John William Montagu, and two belonging to the Apollo, under Lieutenant William Henry Nares, to attempt to

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