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1813 Sir Edward Pellew, and the Baron Cosmao-Kerjulien 255

Portugal, against France. A counter-revolution took place in Holland, and the prince of Orange landed there from England, and was proclaimed sovereign prince of the United Netherlands. Before the present year was many days old, Murat deserted his old benefactor, and made peace with England. All these events, many of which are highly interesting to the historical reader, will be found amply detailed in other works exclusively devoted to the subject : our business is with occurrences that take place upon a different element, and to them we return.

On the 12th of February a French squadron, of three sail of the line and three frigates, under the command of Rear-admiral the Baron Cosmao-Kerjulien, sailed from Toulon to meet a newly-built French 74 expected from Genoa. Matters in France were getting so near to a crisis, that the Moniteur could find no room in its pages for an account which, otherwise, would have been allowed a conspicuous place : hence, we can give the names of only one line-of-battle ship and one frigate, the Romulus and Adrienne. On the 13th, at a few minutes after daybreak, this squadron, then steering to the southward, was discovered by Sir Edward Pellew's fleet. At 7 h. 55 m. a.m. the six French ships tacked together, and, with a strong east wind, steered for Porquerolles on their return to Toulon. At 10 h. 30 m. a.m. the ships entered the bay of Hyères by the Grande-Passe, and, in about an hour afterwards, quitted it by the Petite-Passe, still under all sail.

The British fleet, consisting of the following 15 sail of the line, besides the Unité frigate and Badger brig-sloop, was also under all sail, advancing to cut off the French squadron. from the road of Toulon, towards which it was now steering:

120 Caledonia Vice-adm. (r.) Sir Edward Pellew, bt.
Rear-adm. (w.) Israel Pellew.
Captain Edward Lloyd Graham.
Hibernia Vice-adm. (w.) Sir Wil. Sidney Smith.
Captain Thomas Gordon Caulfield.
112 San-Josef Rear-adm. (b.) Sir Richard King, bt.
Captain William Stewart.
100 Royal-George Captain T. Fras. Ch. Mainwaring.
98 Boyne Captain George Burlton.
Ocean Captain Robert Plampin.
Prince-of-Wales Captain John Erskine Douglas.
Union Captain Robert Rolles
Barfleur Captain John Maitland.
74 Duncan Captain Robert Lambert.
Indus Captain William Hall Gage.
Berwick Captain Edward Brace.
Swiftsure Captain Edward Stirling Dickson.
Armada Captain Charles Grant
Aboukir Captain George Parker.

At 30 minutes past noon the leading ship of the British fleet, the Boyne, opened a fire upon the second French ship from the rear (believed to have been the Adrienne frigate), which was

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