Uniform - Gunners, Boatswains, and Carpenters

A mistake having for some time existed in the official Navy List, by which Gunners, Boatswains, and Carpenters, are required to wear cocked hats, as uniform ; an order has been issued, directing, by HM regulations of the 18th December, 1827, that they are to wear plain round hats, and that no other hats are allowed to be worn as uniform by them.


Uniform - Field Officers of Marines

The Field Officers of Marines are directed by HM order, in future to wear waist sword-belts, (instead of body belts), and a brass scabbard to their swords.


Uniform - Masters, Surgeons, Pursers, and other warrant officers

The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty have directed, in a recent order, that the collars of the coats of Masters, Surgeons, Pursers, and other warrant officers, be cut in a diagonal manner, similar to the annexed sketch, instead of being cut at right angles.

An Admiralty minute has been issued, signifying his Majesty's commands, that Officers of the Navy shall, on all occasions of full dress, wear white trowsers over boots, from the 23d of April to the 14th of October inclusive; and blue trowsers over boots between the 15th of October mad the 22d of April inclusive. July 1834.

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