Accounting for Marked Beds, Blankets, and Bed Covers Issued Gratuitously to Seamen, &c., and Clothing Issued Gratuitously

Circular No. 394.
Admiralty, 18th November, 1859.

Their Lordships are pleased to direct with reference to their Circular, No. 364, that the Paymaster of every Ship shall keep a marked Bedding Account Book (Form No 22 A., 1859) in three parts.

In the first part are to be inserted the names, &c., of men to whom beds, blankets. and bed covers have been delivered for their use by the Paymaster of the ship, and the particulars of their ultimate disposal; in the second part, the names, &c., of men who have brought those articles with them from other ships, and the particulars of their ultimate disposal ; and in the third part are to be entered the supplies, returns, &c., of the articles in question. The third part is to be totalled and balanced periodically to correspond with the accounts transmitted into office. Should the Paymaster be superseded, he is to leave this book with his successor; and when the ship is paid off, it is to be transmitted into office complete, for the whole period of her commission.

At the end of every quarter, and an the ship being paid off, or the Paymaster superseded, he is to transmit into ,office an account (Form No. 22 B.) of the receipt, expenditure, &c., of marked beds, blankets, and bed covers in his charge for the use of the crew. On the debit side of this account are to be inserted the numbers of each of the above articles remaining at the commencement of the account (if any), distinguishing such as are in use by entering them in red ink - supplies obtained for the use of the crew, either from Her Majesty's Stores or Ships, and the numbers received with men from other ships, specifying in each case the names ;of the ships, and the number of men. On the credit side are to be inserted all losses, condemnations, returns into store, supplies made to other ships for the use of their crews, and the numbers taken with men discharged to other ships, specifying in each case the names of the ships and the number of men. All the foregoing credits must be supported with proper receipts or vouchers to be transmitted with the account. There are also to be inserted on the credit side the number of each article on board, and not in use at the time when the account closed ; and lastly, in red ink, so as not to confound them with the foregoing, the numbers that may be in use by the Crew.

On the death, desertion, or discharge to the shore of any person to whom marked bedding may have been issued, the Paymaster is to recover, and receive back in his possession, the several articles with which such person may have been supplied.

Men sent to Hospital or Sick Quarters are not to take their marked bedding with them, but, on being cured, should they be discharged to any other ship than that to which they belong, for passage, the Paymaster of such ship is to lend them bedding for the time they may be on board.

Men sent home in Merchant Ships, who take their marked bedding with them, are to have the value thereof charged separately in their pay-tickets, and they are to be informed that on their producing a receipt for the same from the Paymaster of any ship at the port where they may arrive, or from the Storekeeper of a victualling yard, the charge will be removed by the officer who pays them.

All Paymasters, at places where there is not a victualling yard, are required to receive into their charge the marked bedding that may be tendered to them by the men referred to, and to grant the necessary receipts for the same and when the tickets of such men are assigned to them for payment, they are, on the production of the receipt, to attach it to the pay voucher, and to remove the charge which may appear to have boon made for the bedding.

The Paymaster is to keep on board such a quantity of unmarked beds. blankets, and bed covers as he may deem necessary, which be is to account for in his clothing account as at present. The issuing price of the cover is. 1s. 10d.

Men and boys, to whom marked bedding may not have been issued, are, on their own bedding becoming worn out, or being lost by accident, to be supplied gratuitously, with marked bedding.

Clothing issued gratuitously

That part of their Lordships Circular, No. 364, which grants a suit of clothss to every man on his first entering the Navy for ten years' continuous service, and to all boys an being advanced to man's rating, is to take effect from the day of the date thereof, instead of from the day of its receipt on board Her Majesty’s Ships.

By Command of their Lordships,
C. Paget
To all Commanders-in-Chief, Captains, Commanders, and Commanding Officers of H.M. Ships and Vessels.

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