London Gazette - India Medal

Award of a Medal for taking part in the First Burmese War, aka War in Ava - 1824 to 1826.

28 February 1851
Her Majesty having been graciously pleased to assent to a Medal being granted to the surviving officers and soldiers of the Crown and of the East India Company who were engaged in the several services enumerated in the following list, including the officers and seamen of the Royal Navy, and the Company's Marine, who took part in the Burmese war; notice is hereby given, that general and other officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers of the East India Company's Army, who are entitled to this honorary distinction, are to apply for the same to the Secretary to the Court of Directors of the East India Company, and to send at the same time, in writing, a statement of the claim, specifying in what action, and at what period of time they served, accompanied by any certificates calculated to substantiate the claim.

List of services for which the India Medal is to be granted:
  • Storm of Allighur, 4th September 1803.
  • Battle of Delhi, llth September 1803.
  • Battle of Assye, 23rd September 1803.
  • Siege of Asseerghur, 21st October 1803.
  • Battle of Laswarree, 1st November 1803.
  • Battle of Argaum, 29th November 1803.
  • Siege and Storm of Gawilghur, 15th December 1803.
  • Defence of Delhi, October 1804.
  • Battle of Deig, 13th November 1804.
  • Capture of Deig, 23rd December 1804.
  • War in Nepaul in 1816.
  • Battle of Kirkee and Battle and Capture of Poona, November 1817.
  • Battle of Seetabuldee and Battle and Capture of Nagpoor, November and December 1817.
  • Battle of Maheidpoor, 21st December 1817..
  • Defence of Corygaum, 1st January 1818.
  • War in Ava, 1824 to 1826.
  • Siege and Storm of Bhurtpoor, January 1826.

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