Allotments for the Families of Men of the Coast Guard Stations when Serving in the Fleet.

Circular No. 373.
Admiralty, 14th May, 1859

The Lords Commissioner of the Admiralty, having had under their consideration the measures that it may be advisable to adopt for ensuring to the Men of the Coast Guard serving on shore the means of providing for their families if ordered on board any of Her Majesty's Ships for Service at Sea, have been pleased to sanction the following arrangement:-

1. Whenever Men belonging to the Coast Guard shall be ordered to embark for Service in the Fleet, they shall be permitted to make declarations of Allotment, at the established rates according to their rank, before leaving the Coast Guard Station at which they are serving.

2. The Inspecting Commanders of Divisions are to direct the Chief Officers of the stations, under their Inspection, to cause the lists of such declarations to be prepared in the proper form correctly filled up with all the necessary particulars and signed by the men. The Chief Officer is then to sign the List and transmit it to the Inspecting Commander, by whom it is to be approved and immediately transmitted to the Accountant-General of the Navy.

3. Payment of these Allotments will commence from the 1st of the Month succeeding that in which the men shall be ordered to embark. and it is to be made to the Men's wives and families at the end of each month or as soon after as may be, by the District Paymaster, under the same regulations as are at present in force for the payment of the Men's wages.

4. Every Coast Guard Man on being ordered to embark for Service in the Fleet shall receive an advance on account of his growing pay, not exceeding in amount one month's pay and allowances. payable by the District Paymaster on the usual form of Wages' List.

5. Every person in whose favour an Allotment shall be made will be furnished with an allotment duplicate, to be presented at the time of payment to the District Paymaster, or other paying Officer, who is to be careful to set of, on the back thereof, the dates and amounts of every payment made to the Allottee, whose receipt is to be taken on the Form that will be supplied for that purpose.

6. When the Men leave their Stations to join any of Her Majesty's ships, a list of them, distinguishing the Stations and Districts from which they have been withdrawn, is to accompany the Men. The amount paid in advance, as well as the date of allotment, is to be correctly noted against each Manís name on such lists.

7. The Captains of the District Coast Guard Ships are to see that this arrangement is promptly and punctually carried into effect, and they will be immediately supplied with the necessary forms, for distribution to the Inspecting Commanders under their Orders.

8. The Captains of Her Majesty's Ships in which Coast Guard Men may be serving are to cause the Station and District to which the Men belong to be inserted against their names on the Shipís Books and on all pay documents.

By command of their Lordships.
H. Corry
To all Flag Officers, &c.

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