Crimea Medal

Circular No. 250

Admiralty 1 May 1856.

Her Majesty having been graciously pleased to signify Her intention of granting the "Sebastopol" Clasp to the Officers and Crews of H.M. Ships employed in co-operation with the Land Forces in the reduction of Sebastopol, as well as a Clasp, bearing on it the word "Azoff," to the Officers and Crews of H.M. Vessels employed in the Sea of Azoff, the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty hereby give notice of the same.

The period for which the "Sebastopol" Clasp is to be awarded, for service as aforesaid, dates (as in the case of the Army) from 1st October 1854, to the 9th September 1855.

The "Azoff" Clasp will be awarded to the Officers and Crews of such Ships as served in the Sea of Azoff between the 25th May 1855 and the 9th September 1855, as well as to the Officers and Men who were employed in the Boats of the Line-of-Battle Ships which took part in the operations against Taganrog, or elsewhere, within the Sea of Azoff.

In cases in which Officers or Men have been engaged in any expedition or operation in the Sea of Azoff after 9th September, the period for which the "Azoff" Clasp is to be awarded will be extended to the 22nd November, 1855. The service for which the Clasp is claimed must, in such cases, be duly certified as required by their Lordships’ Circular Order of 20th March, 1856, No. 243.

By Command of their Lordships

R. Osborne

To all Commanders in Chief, Captains, Commanders and Commanding Officers of H.M. Ships and Vessels.

N.B. The Clasps will not be ready for issue before the end of the present month.

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