Applications for Replacement for Lost Medals and Clasps.

Circular No. 330.

Admiralty, 1st July, 1858.

My Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty have been pleased to approve of the following regulations respecting the issue of Duplicate Medals and Clasps for the under-mentioned services, to replace those lost or stolen, viz. :-

Medals far the Campaign in the Crimea.
Medals far the Campaign in the Baltic.
Clasps far the Campaign at Sebastopol.
Clasps far the Campaign at Inkerman.
Clasps far the Campaign at Balaklava.
Clasps far the Campaign at Azoff.

Duplicate Medals and Clasps will be issued to those only who have not left the Naval or Marine Service, or to Pensioners, or to persons who, after having left the Navy, joined and are still serving in the Army.

In cases of the loss having been sustained by officers and men in the performance of their duties, in the strictest sense of the term, the loss will be made good free of charge, provided satisfactory evidence is produced that the loss occurred under circumstances beyond their control ; but in cases of loss while they were not on duty, the loss can only be replaced on payment of the price of the Medal or Clasp.

A Medal or Clasp cannot be replaced if the original was lost through negligence or misconduct.

A claim cannot be entertained beyond two years after the loss occurred.

Every application, accompanied by a certificate in the annexed form, must be made through the Commander of the Ship on board of which the applicant is serving, the Colonel Commandant of the Division of Royal Marines to which he belongs, or, in the case of a Pensioner, by the Staff Officer of the District in which he resides ; and in such certificate must be stated the description of Medal or Clasp lost, the name of the ship for which it was awarded, and whether or not the applicant was, at the time of the loss, in the execution of his public duty.

As the Duplicate Medal or Clasp will be issued an these Certificates only, great caution should be used in granting them, as the Commanding Officers will be held responsible that duplicates are not obtained improperly.

Form of Certificate

I hereby certify that ___________ has this day appeared before me, and stated that he has lost ______________ which was issued to him far his services on board Her Majesty's Ship _________, that I have caused the case to be thoroughly investigated, and from the evidence produced I am satisfied that the lass was sustained under circumstances beyond his control, and not through any misconduct or negligence an his part ; further, that at the time he was * _________ in the execution of his public duty.

Given under my hand this ________ day of _________.

By Command of their Lordships,

H. Corry.

* If "not" to be stated.

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