Extra Pay to be Paid in H.M. Ships at Home and Abroad

Circular, No. 358.
Admiralty, 3rd March, 1859.

My Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty have been pleased to establish the following General Regulations respecting Extra Pay, in order that the principles laid down in the Queen's Regulations may be more rigidly observed in Seagoing Ships and Flag Ships, and for the future guidance of Superintendents of Her Majesty's Dockyards.

Extra Pay to persons belonging to Sea-going Ships and Flag Ships

1st. The following scale of Extra Pay authorised by the Queen's Regulations, Chapter X.. IV., Art. 1, page 104, to be considered applicable to all Sea-Going Ships and to the Flag Ship at each of the Home Ports, viz. :-


Per Diem

  s. d.
Lieutenants in the Navy, Captains of Marines, Masters, and Chief Engineers 3 0
Other Officers ranking with Lieutenants of the Navy, and Lieutenants of Marines 2 6
Mates and other Officers ranking with them, including Engineers qualified for Charge and Assistant Engineers 2 0
Subordinate and Warrant Officers 1 6
First Class Petty Officers, Serjeants of Marines, and all Artificers 1 3
Second Class Petty Officers, Corporals of Marines, Seamen, and others 1 0
Private Marines and Second Class Ordinary Seamen 0 9
Boys 0 3

Men employed as Artificers, whether borne on the Ships' Books as such or not, are to be paid as Artificers ; and it is to be stated an the Pay Lists, under their Ratings, when men have been so employed and paid.

2nd. Extra Pay a not to be granted for works executed on board the Ships to which the persons employed belong, nor an board the Ships’ Tenders, nor for assisting to navigate other Ships in Commission.

3rd. Special attention is directed to Article 2, page 105, of the Queen's Regulations, and to Article 42, page 80, of the Admiralty Instructions, forbidding the employment of officers and men on Extra Pay, except in extreme cases, in which it may be essentially necessary for the good of the Public Service. This Regulation, therefore, does not warrant Extra Pay for common occasional services, as for assistance of boats to water a ship, or to tow a ship, or to take off stores, and such like temporary occurrences continually happening, but is meant to apply to cases where heavy work in Dockyards, of loading and unloading Ships, or in fitting out other ships of war &c., are required with particular expedition. It is therefore left to the discretion of the Commander-in-Chief or Senior Officer to decide, on the spot, how far the Service required may, with reference to its urgency and continuance, or to any extra wear of Clothing likely to arise from its performance, render it proper to authorize such extra charge ; and the reasons for so authorizing it must be specified in each order for Extra Pay.

4th. In accordance with the regulations in the preceding article, not only the nature of the work perform but the grounds on which it has been authorised to be paid for as an

Extra Duty, are invariably to be stated on the Pay Lists. These lists are to be made out in Duplicate ; one to accompany the Paymaster's Monthly Cash Account, the other to be retained by him in case the Original might be lost.

5th. In all cases separate Pay Lists are to be made out for persons belonging to different Ships, and the payments are to be made thereon by the Paymasters of the Ships to which the persons belong, and not by other Paymasters, or Naval Accountants on shore, unless in exceptional circumstances, to be clearly explained on the Pay Lists.

6th. When Working Parties are employed on mixed services at Foreign Yards, such as clearing Transports &c. the expense incurred on each Service should be distinguished as far as possible, stating the Names of the Vessels for which the service has been performed, in order that such may be recovered from the owners, when the Vessel does not belong to the Royal Navy.

Extra Pay to persons belonging to the Guard Ships of the Steam and Sailing Ordinaries, for work on board Ships in Ordinary and not in Commission, and in the Dockyards, &c.

7th. It being part of the regular duty of the crews of the Steam and Sailing Ordinary Guard Ships to perform various services in Ships belonging to the Ordinary, or not yet Commissioned, and in the Dockyards, such Services are not to be regarded as Extra Duty, entitling to Extra Pay ; but my Lords are pleased to direct, that when such work involves Extra wear and tear of Clothing, the following rates of Extra Pay are to be allowed to the persons so employed, viz. :

  per diem.
  s. d.
To Warrant Officers (when employed specially with working parties, and not on board the Ships to which they are properly attached.) 1 0
To Working Petty Officers, Seamen, and others 0 6
Also to Seamen in Coal Depots, when employed in coaling ships or receiving coal 0 6

8th. It is to be stated upon the Pay Lists on which such Extra Pay is paid, that the work performed was of such a nature as to entitle the working parties to be paid under the above regulation.

9th. When persons belonging to Steam or Sailing Ordinary Guard Ships are employed upon work on board Ships in Commission, the are to be allowed Extra Pay only at the rates stated in regulation 7. whether associated with other men or not ; unless when employed considerably beyond the regulated working hours, in which case they are to be allowed Extra Pay at the rates authorised by the Queen's Regulations and Article 1 of this Circular. In all such cases the reason for their being paid at the higher rates is to be stated on the Pay Lists.

Extra Pay for navigating Ships in Ordinary from Port to Port, &c.

10th. Extra Pay, at the rates authorised by the Queen's Regulations and Article 1 hereof as to be allowed to Parties detached to navigate Ships not in Commission from one Port to another, and is to be paid from the day the Parties leave their own Ship till they return. But when Vessels not in Commission are appropriated for special services, as in Conveying Machinery between the Ports or otherwise, the officers and men wholly lent and employed in such services are to receive Extra Pay at the above rates for the first Fourteen Days only ; after which, they are to be entitled to Extra Pay only when actually employed in loading and unloading machinery or on such other work as would usually entitle the persons so lent to Extra Pay, if they formed part of the crews of other Sea-going Ships.

By Command of their Lordships,
H. Corry.
To all Commanders-in-Chief, &c.

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